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Beware of the blocked parcel scam: we tell you everything

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Beware of the blocked parcel scam: we tell you everything

A gang of well-organized scammers has been rampant online in recent weeks. The promise is that of cheap Cannabis delivered discreetly to your home by carrier. The reality, on the other hand, can cost you much more and you will see that this scam is particularly well put together.

The Cannabist tells you how a good friend of the editorial staff had 150 bullets cored and never saw the color of his chichon. An authentic story, high in images and links.

* * *

In the newspaper, we may be overflowing with advice to help everyone get on well with their dealer, but we are nonetheless aware of the mood swings and wanderings of clandestine traders. Some of which, let’s say, behave like real assholes in times of crisis, those concerned will recognize each other.


And with the war on drugs raging in France getting tougher and tougher under Bankster 1, demand far outstrips supply. So sourcing, for something as vital and essential as Cannabis, becomes an obstacle course. Because people in this need, or their families must obtain, at all costs, the irreplaceable plant resource.

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#Dego online

Between pandemic and resurgence of police checks, the choice to contact an online operator is quickly seen. Easy and less risky at the police level. We tell ourselves that at worst it will be the customs fine and a quick police procedure for a few grams.

Offline less fortunate cannabis users risk, for example, 6 months of license withdrawal and a €4,500 fine, as soon as they cross the threshold of the public space with their car key in hand. The cultivation of cannabis is in theory punished by 25 years in prison and a 7.5 million € fine in the texts…. So everyone is rushing on the internet.

Morality, the hex war on drugs has finally ‘boosted‘ online traffic that is literally exploding. Tens of thousands of parcels are now transporting weed and weed all over Europe, it will obviously be impossible for anyone to control everything, but that is another problem.

So overnight, the choice was made out of necessity. Here is the so-called ‘dealer’, he is actually a professional scammer of the worst kind.

On Tweeter it is called ” Rayles Carlos Ivan Jr. and he is presumably in Holland. Don’t worry, it’s not him in the photo…. he stung it somewhere. All account information is absolutely fake.



There are many profiles on social networks, which offer Cannabis by mail order. 5241 Followers, an account connected since spring 2019, this one looked authentic. This account must have been purchased from someone initially and the scam is well put together starting with really low prices.

cap1 1

– Hey hi, how are you? I am a Cannabis grower. I have CBD and top quality weed. Do you need it?

– Hi man, it’s nice but we are in France here …

– Yes it’s easier, we send packages every week from the Netherlands

* * *

cap2 1
5€ for two grams (…) we are doing promotions because of the corona …

This is where you should have been wary, 5€ for 2 grams and the price drops due to the pandemic: a fabric of nonsense. Another clue: Payment by Paypal. NEVER any real online dealer will let you pay it by Paypal, it would be guaranteed to be arrested by the police within a week.

« I have OG kush Kurupt moon rocks Sun rocks grand daddy kush purple berry black widow White widow Girls scout cookies ak 47 Gorilla glue #4 Blue dream Sour diesel Bruce Banner Gelato Northern lights Purple haze Skunk Girls scout cookies Blue berry Kush Master Kush Mr. Nice Bubba Kush Lemon Kush and Orange Kush »

But no matter, necessity helping our friend really believed in the windfall, a few minutes later, an order of 150€ was taken for an express shipment by air. And this is where it gets complicated.

* * *

The logistics company pointed to by the dealer is in fact a copy of an international operator, but it is a decoy. This is a particularly well imitated fake carrier website.


A quick investigation reveals several clues.

  • The main address is in melbourne
  • However headquarters he is in Virginia (USA)
  • It exists a real company “aerologistic express” but she is in singapore

In reality, this site is an empty storefront that this criminal organization uses to systematically defraud Cannabis consumers. You probably have to imagine something much larger and very organized behind…

* * *


The next day, the customer receives from the fake dealer a number of parcel tracking to use on their website.


Then the same evening.


From there, your cheap hash is likely to cost you a lot more than you expected. Because the system informs you that a ‘administrative stamp’ lack. To get it as if by chance you have to pay. And there you are quietly asked to pay the sum of 285€.

But don’t worry, 280€ will be immediately refunded to you, you will only have to pay 5€ in the end! (Editor’s note: lol)

“Mr./Ms./Ms. YOUR NAME your parcel was held at the airport in YOUR CITY. It was registered as discreet packaging and does not have an X-Ray control stamp. Thus, you will have to pay in REFUNDABLE X-RAY CHECK STAMP FEE of 285 €. These costs are important for the necessary paper work to be done and you receive your package, with 280 € of reimbursement this evening. (less -5€ due to calculated charges, so you receive 280€ instead of 285€)”


From this moment, if you have 2 cents of savvy, you understand that there has never been Cannabis, neither package nor carrier. In reality, it’s about extorting money from consumers on a real promise, but it’s all fake.

* * *

We imagine that, panicked, in fear of seeing their package fall into the hands of customs, people pay. Not our friend, who had ordered a small amount of Hashish and simply refused to negotiate further with his scammer.

Obviously our friend politely asked for the refund of his money, and for only answer:


The Tweeter account of these scammers is here:

The email they use to scam people on Paypal: Tembibrandao [at]

Don’t hesitate to report the account all the time, no one will ever complain to the police so it’s important!

* * *

Reporting it on social media is pretty much all we can do about it today. Please do not fall into the trap, tell your friends. In any case in the future: favor word of mouth and experience, it is the only way to eliminate these parasites that grow online, on the good faith of the world and the need of those who are in the need.

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