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Buy CBD oil and drops Buy
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What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil, also known as CBD drops, consists of a CBD extract mixed with a selected base oil (eg olive, hemp seed or walnut oil coconut). In order to understand why its popularity has been growing for years and why more and more people are buying CBD oil, let’s start by finding out the background of the product, CBD, short for cannabidiol.

The quality differences in CBD oil are very significant. Therefore, you will only find selected products with us so that you can only buy the best CBD oil online.

All products are carefully selected and subjected to quality tests. That’s why we have the best CBD oil to buy online.

Decide before buying CBD oil! The most important ingredient for a strong CBD oil

Before you want to order CBD oil, you need to know what exactly a CBD oil is. This always consists of the active ingredient of the hemp plant – CBD. So what is CBD? CBD (short for cannabidiol) is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, which is obtained from the female cannabis plant. For a long time, only its psychoactive big brother THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) captured the full attention of the cannabis plant.

Unfortunately, often in a much too negative context, if you look at the many positive properties that the plant brings with it. In science, the cannabinoid is studied mainly for its anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic or antiepileptic properties. The research is still in its infancy, but is intensifying year by year, so that more and more long-term studies can be published and perceived.

CBD is only one of 100 different cannabinoids, but next to THC it is certainly one of the best known. If you want to learn more about CBD, click on ours CBD Guide.

Full Oil – What Are Full Spectrum CBD Oils?

The hemp plant has exceptional properties, but can only use them optimally if all cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are present or remain as much as possible. To date, research has discovered up to 600 different ingredients in the marijuana plant. These substances interact synergistically and thus create and enhance the overall therapeutic effect of the plant. This process is commonly called Surround effect.

This is one of the reasons why full-spectrum oils are the most popular oils, but also the most expensive.

Most CBD oils have a dark brown to gold ige color.

What is the legal situation of CBD in Switzerland?

In Switzerland and throughout Europe, CBD is not on the so-called “novel food” list. This means that CBD is not approved as a food and therefore cannot be sold as such. This is especially true if you buy CBD oil in Switzerland.

At the end of 2020, the European Commission took over the approval test and determined that cannabidiol products can be classified as food. It remains to be seen how this will evolve in the near future. To do this a detailed article about the legal situation in Switzerland, speculations about possible developments and how you can buy CBD oil in Switzerland.

The legal situation states that CBD oil can only be declared as a chemical. It will certainly take some time before a change is made. The mills of bureaucracy grind here with the usual slowness.

Another factor in the inertia of legal adjustments is the current shortage of studies. Although there are already a few studies, such as the one published in the Journal Permanent Study of anxiety disorders and sleep problemsmost medically relevant long-term studies are lacking.

The growing interest in CBD will sooner or later lead to a major change.

CBD Oil Product Recommendation

With us you can order the highest quality CBD oil, often also known as CBD drops.

We can definitely recommend the full spectrum CBD oils mentioned above. The Qualicann Whole oils with 34% CBD and 0.9% THC, for example, are produced in a very complex process. The main goal is that as many herbal ingredients as possible can be extracted from the cannabis plant and used.

34% CBD and <1% THC
34% CBD and

There are different gradations concerning the CBD but also the THC content. Sweed For example, has 2 products recommended with 10% CBD and

There are also oils with little or no THC to order from our shop. When you drive a car, it provides a 100% guarantee that you are on the legal side and don’t have to worry about an inspection. For some time now, the FOPH has been carrying out research and studies in order to set a limit value instead of pursuing a zero value policy. The bag even asked for an efficiency thresholdwhich politicians still have to comply with.

a current study from Australia came to the conclusion that only CBD has no influence on driving a car.

Different levels of CBD

Depending on the needs of the application, CBD oils with different CBD levels are suitable. It is especially recommended for people who have never come into contact with CBD, as beginners, to buy low-strength CBD drops at first. From 5% to 34%, this can also be tested and adapted piece by piece according to your own preferences. A study on the effects of CBD on stress, for example, have shown that an “inverted U-shaped dose-response curve”, i.e. a U-shaped dose-response curve, is created. In other words, a medium dose (in this case 300mg) led to the greatest reduction in stress, while 100mg or 900mg had less effect. This could also be a reason for the general cap of around 35% CBD content.

Ultimately, however, everyone has to find out for themselves, so you cannot give a general recommendation here.

Interesting facts about CBD flowers and CBD oils

Finally, some interesting information we learned from a brand new study in Switzerland. Digital Hive conducted a study on the Swiss CBD market in collaboration with IG Hanf and also with the participation of yours truly. In this one, we came to some interesting results regarding the consumption of CBD. However, these should be treated with caution, as the CBD market is still in its infancy and there is still potential for change. Only a third of participants have been using CBD for less than 6 months. It is very likely that this number will increase several times in the near future.

The study focuses, among other things, on the form in which CBD is used. While 71% of women said they had used CBD oil and “only” 30% CBD flower in the past 35 days. For men, consumption of CBD flowers still wins with 68% to 38% for CBD oil.

The environment during consumption is also of interest and can only be assumed to be related. 40% use CBD flowers with other people in their social environment, while it’s only about 15% with CBD oil.

Finally and so that you can buy the right CBD oil, we will introduce you even more in depth and dedicate ourselves to the manufacturing process.

CBD extraction methods – how do you get CBD oil from the hemp plant?

There are different extraction methods for extracting CBD from the hemp plant. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, which we would like to explain here.

The most common method is CO2 extraction, in which the plant is saturated with liquid Co2 in order to dissolve the plant matter. In order to then separate the Co2 from the CBD, the temperature is greatly increased and the pressure is reduced. In the then gaseous state, it remains a very concentrated and very pure CBD extract. CO2 extraction requires extensive expert knowledge. For this you get a particularly pure extract without solvent residues. The main disadvantages of this method are its high cost. For that, you probably get the best CBD oil with this procedure.

During a Ethanol extraction a highly explosive alcohol is used, in which the hemp plant can bathe for several days. The mixture is then filtered and only a CBD-enriched ethanol remains. When heated, the ethanol evaporates, leaving the extracted CBD. This method impresses with its low manufacturing costs and the rather simple manufacturing process. On the negative side, however, it should be noted that chemical traces can be left during manufacturing. In addition, the consumption of ethyl alcohol is extremely risky. Without expert knowledge, it is better not to touch this method.

Another method is that Hydrocarbon extraction. The hydrocarbons pass through the plant and extract the CBD it contains. The hydrocarbon is then evaporated while hot and the gas is drawn off using a vacuum. What remains is the valuable CBD extract.

This procedure is also less expensive, but carries a higher health risk.

The Oil extraction is as simple as it sounds. The cannabis plant is mixed with a carrier oil and heated in a water bath. These are mostly olive, grapeseed or MCT oil. The mixture is then cooled to room temperature and filtered. There you go, it’s done and you can buy the CBD oil like that. Very simple and inexpensive, but the end result is also not a pure CBD extract.

Haven’t lost track yet? You just wanted to order the best CBD oil. No problem, we’ll be happy to help you here too. Then we come directly to the next and very important topic, full-spectrum CBD oils.

CBD Extraction Methods
Advantages and disadvantages of different CBD extraction methods.

Here you will find the most popular Buy CBD oil online.

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