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buy cbd oil CBD oil, Buy legal cannabis in France

CBD Oil Concentration

CBD oil, Buy legal cannabis in France
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We select our CBD oils from recognized European brands in the world of cannabinoids and according to various quality criteria. We choose broad spectrum or full spectrum oils in order to benefit from the entourage effect. These have a THC level of 0% (broad spectrum) or less than 0.2% (full spectrum), in compliance with European laws. We only opt for CO2 extractions, a guarantee of superior quality and a high level of purity.

What is CBD oil?

Cannabidiol oil is considered a dietary supplement. This mode of consumption of CBD is very commonly used because of its ease of use and its effectiveness. However, it can also be used externally on skin areas requiring relief.

It is composed of a cannabinoid extract combined with a vegetable carrier oil. This also brings a better assimilation of molecules that are fat-soluble.

Full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD oil

We only offer full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD oils. Indeed, when CBD is combined with other cannabinoids (CBG, CBN, CBC, etc.) and terpenes from the hemp plant, their beneficial effects on our body are reinforced. This is called the “entourage effect” thanks to a synergy of active ingredients.

Our full spectrum oils have a THC content of less than 0.2%, in compliance with European legislation.

We also have broad spectrum oils for users looking for a product without a trace of THC. These therefore also contain all cannabinoids and terpenes, but are free of tetrahydrocannabinol.

Methods of cannabinoid extraction

Before being introduced to the oil, cannabinoids must first be extracted from the cannabis plant. There are different methods currently employed in the CBD industry, solvent, oil and supercritical CO2 extraction. We prefer the latter. However, this remains the most expensive, because it remains complex and requires expensive equipment. But this technique is also the safest, cleanest and most effective. The CO2 extraction guarantees a particularly pure CBD, free of chemical residues, by a total control on the final product.

Different Carrier Oils for CBD Extract

The extract is combined with a vegetable oil, olive, MCT, hemp, grapeseed… This also provides a set of nutrients beneficial to our health, minerals, vitamins, omega 3 and 6…

In order to guarantee the premium quality of our products, we work with renowned European producers, who bring rigor and continuous control to the manufacturing process. CBD oils are also tested by a third-party laboratory. The finished product is free of chemical residues, heavy metals or pollutants.

The different concentrations of CBD oils

Cannabidiol oils have different CBD contents, expressed as a percentage. This feature is sometimes ambiguous.

To better understand this notion of concentration, let’s take an example:

A 10ml bottle of 10% CBD oil contains a total of 200 drops with 1000mg of CBD. Each drop therefore contains 5 mg of CBD (1000 mg ÷ 200 drops = 5 mg/drop).

This table summarizes the different percentages and amounts of cannabidiol to help you see more clearly.

You can thus calculate the number of drops to take according to the CBD dosage you want. Each bottle is equipped with a dropper to precisely define the quantities.

If you wish to consume 10 mg of cannabidiol with:

  • a 4% oil, it will take 5 drops (i.e. 10 mg ÷ 2 mg)

  • a 10% oil, you will need to take 2 drops (i.e. 10 mg ÷ 5 mg)

  • a 20% oil, just 1 drop will be enough (i.e. 10 mg ÷ 10 mg)…

The main difference that lies in these various concentrations is therefore the quantity of drops to be absorbed to obtain the same dosage. Highly concentrated oils are also more expensive than those with a lower percentage.

If you are new to using coconut oil cannabis, we therefore advise you to start with a low-dose product, which will be less expensive, in order to familiarize yourself with the molecule. This more economical bottle for a first test purchase, will help you define the quantity in mg of CBD per dose that will be necessary to relieve your problem.

Cannabidiol Oil Uses

CBD oil can be administered in different ways depending on the conditions to be relieved and preferences.

Remember to shake the bottle well before use, in order to mix the different molecules.

Store CBD Oil away from heat (between 7° and 22° C) and light, ideally in the door of your refrigerator.

The most commonly used sublingual route

This method of administration, the most recommended, consists of placing the desired amount of oil under the tongue. This is then absorbed by the small vessels located in the mucous membrane and enters directly into the bloodstream. It therefore does not pass through the liver or through the intestinal wall. The effects are thus felt more quickly. What’s more, the active ingredients are not altered by gastric juices and digestive enzymes, which provides better bioavailability.

To dose accurately, first quantify the number of drops on a teaspoon. Then place them under the tongue and keep them in the mouth for about 60 seconds, before swallowing them.

The oral route, an alternative

You can add CBD oil to your food preparations by mixing the desired amount with other foods. Create original dishes! Adding oil to food or a drink can also reduce its taste, which is sometimes unpleasant for some people. On the other hand, its bioavailability will be lower. The onset of action is lengthened and the effects altered by passage through the digestive tract and the liver.

The cutaneous way, in local application

You can apply CBD oil directly to the skin. Then massage the area to be relieved to make the oily substance penetrate well.

CBD Oil Dosage

The dosage is very personal and specific to each consumer. Different parameters are involved in the effectiveness of cannabidiol. For one thing, each organism has a different receptivity to cannabinoids and therefore each individual will require different dosages. On the other hand, the weight of the person also intervenes in the appropriate dosage. Finally, the quantities needed also depend on the symptoms to be alleviated and their intensity.

If you’re starting out with CBD oil, start with small doses, then gradually increase the amounts as needed. Ideally, quantify your dosage based on your weight. Some specialists advise 1 mg of CBD/kilo to be divided into 3 doses during the day.

If you weigh 60 kg, you will therefore need 60 mg of cannabidiol during the day, i.e. 20 mg per dose. You have a 10% CBD oil available, the quantity to be absorbed therefore represents 4 drops, from 1 to 3 times a day.

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