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🥇 Cannabis cultivation manual 🥇 Become an expert!

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Manuel de culture du cannabis

🥇 Cannabis cultivation manual 🥇 Become an expert!

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Cannabis cultivation manual

PwvGrow, with this cannabis cultivation manual, wanted to simplify the work of weed lovers. We’ve put together the best information to make you a top breeder. You have different cannabis news, so you can go as deep as you want on the topic that interests you the most.

As a welcome gift, I leave you this cultivation manual in pdf to introduce you to the cultivation of cannabis indoors and outdoors, which you will certainly derive great benefit from.

*Essential tips to start growing cannabis

Join the Pevgrow cannabis family in our: And do not stay in doubt about your culture. Ask the Pevgrow community 👍!

Do you want to learn how to grow cannabis in a didactic and simple way? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place, we have selected the best content for you to start in the exciting world of cannabis.

How to Do a Root Cleanse and Start Over

Root cleaning is a very important technique that every good cannabis grower must know how to use, and every nobel must learn…

How to Water Marijuana Plants Properly

The techniques vary depending on whether the planting is done on soil or in pots directly. However, marijuana is a plant that likes to get a lot of water, but all at once, without drowning it, and that it can absorb it slowly….

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*Guide to choosing the right cannabis strain

You don’t know which cannabis seeds to choose from the thousands and thousands of varieties in the Pev Grow catalogue? We have made a selection of the best news, which refer to the most famous and recognized genetics of the cannabis panorama

*Cannabis cultivation outdoors

Cultivation of marijuana on the terrace

These cultures offer many advantages to those who choose to carry them out, among others, the savings in materials, having larger cultures and avoiding unpleasant odors that can disturb your neighbors or the people living with you at home…

How to Hide a Cannabis Crop

Outdoor self-cultivators should choose these methods to avoid thieves wandering around looking for free plants. More and more we can choose more technical and more or less difficult methods…

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*Cannabis cultivation indoors

If you cannot harvest outdoors and need to grow cannabis plants under spotlights, we have selected these topics for you that tell you how to plant cannabis in the best way indoors. We hope we can help you…!

All about LEC lighting

LEC (Light Emitting Ceramic) lamps are based on the old technology of metal halide (MH) lamps, but replacing the element that generates the light spectrum, the quartz of MH lamps, with a ceramic material…

Appropriate distance from bulb to cannabis plants

The height of the bulbs of an internal culture, is a headache for many growers. We will try to shed some light on this question, which can be very broad, but we will try to make it as clear as possible…

*Pests and fungi

If you have had the misfortune to see an insect or fungus invade your favorite plants, we have made a selection of articles that can help you fight the insects and save the harvest. Good luck !

How to fight the plagues of aphids

If your plant has been invaded by a plague of aphids, be careful because you are facing one of the insects that attracts a lot of viruses, quickly weakening your cannabis plant and therefore having to proceed to eliminate various parts of the plant, which can be a drama, especially if it is in the flowering stage and you are already waiting for the results…

Kill micro mites in marijuana crops

One of the great nightmares of marijuana growers is to suffer an infestation of red spider mites or other mites that attack the cannabis plant. Plant pests are more common than we would like…

Eliminate the red spider from our culture

It is one of the most common pests in cannabis plantations, but we can approach it in several ways.

How to eliminate thrips from the cannabis plant

One of the biggest difficulties to put an end to this insect, is that many of them nest in the own pot of the plant and if we do not notice it, this type of pest will reproduce from time to time in our cannabis plant. , to end definitively with their health. Fortunately, there are different methods to end it…

*Deficiencies and excesses in cannabis

If your cannabis plants aren’t looking good, take a look at this selection of news stories that talk about the deficiencies and excesses that affect cannabis.

Excess or deficiencies of phosphorus in the cannabis plant

This macronutrient that aims to intervene correctly in the development of our marijuana plant must be provided in a good quantity if we want to perform the expected functions…

Magnesium: vital for the cannabis plant

The lack or excess of this chemical in the plant will mark its development, it is essential for it. Must be present at all stages of life and abundantly. It has a direct impact on the plant’s absorption of sunlight, so important for its development…

*Cannabis harvest

Once we have overcome all the inconveniences that occur throughout the life cycle of cannabis and have our plants ready to harvest, the time has come to cut and process the marijuana flowers. This process is extremely important, because the quality of the flowers will largely depend on our good work.

Charas: a psychoactive delicatessen

Originally from the Himalayas, charas, pure resin, is made from the enormous sativa that grows in this region of the world and in a very different mode to hash, for example, that brought from Morocco….

*History and review of the main cannabis genetics

Want to know more about the genetics of the most famous marijuana in the world? Here are some articles on the subject. Enjoy!

*Cannabis Dictionary

A few words related to cannabis, which you will have heard before, and in this section we will try to cover them in a simple and precise way.

Although if you want to become an expert on the plant that we are so passionate about, then download the pdf of the most complete cannabis dictionary that there is on the Internet

Dictionary of Cannabis Sativa L.

More than 50 color pages, More than 330 words, 24 color illustrations, Download in pdf format [Ebook]

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