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CBD in Bordeaux – In express delivery!

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CBD in Bordeaux – In express delivery!


CBD in Bordeaux, like everywhere in France, is growing more and more. You should be able to find a shop there less than 5 minutes from your home, which will offer you a wide range of products based on CBD, cannabidiol, this coveted molecule that has been making a buzz in France since 2018.

The marketing of hemp-based products is experiencing strong growth, whether in specialized shops, such as a coffee shop or an online store, or in tobacconists, corner grocery stores, etc.

Buying CBD in France is within everyone’s reach, however, be aware that the sale of these products is intended for an adult public and that the maximum threshold in accordance with the law, cannot exceed 0.2% THC.

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How is CBD consumed in Bordeaux?

There are several ways to consume your CBD. In Bordeaux, many consumers appreciate CBD flowers. Others will prefer a few drops under the tongue of a good CBD oil. From cream to shampoo, a lot of cosmetics manufacturers have started using cannabidiol.

Some will prefer to consume CBD e-liquid using an electronic cigarette.

Find out about the different ways to consume CBD depending on the product and your desires. Online shops or cbd shops, which have a storefront, will be able to answer your questions.

I want to have my CBD delivered to Bordeaux.

Many CBD shops, whether in Gironde or elsewhere, will offer you CBD delivery in Bordeaux. By bike or by post, in a few hours your package will be delivered to you.

It is best to go to an online CBD store, for its various benefits. StayHigh, for example, offers you 24-hour delivery in Bordeaux, a loyalty system that rewards you for each order, a sponsorship system, quality products, as well as great discretion for sending and receiving your merchandise. No mention of StayHigh appears on our packages.

How to buy CBD online in Bordeaux?

Nowadays, it is very easy to order online. The most complicated will be to find a store in which you can give your confidence.

Start by checking the presence of an SSL certificate (the little padlock in the address bar), which will protect all data transfers. Find out about the company behind the website, in particular by consulting their legal notices. The transparency behind this information will allow you to ensure the seriousness of the company.

Thus, you will be able to communicate the details of your credit card, without any concern, when you place an order.

StayHigh is domiciled in France and respects the laws in force. For example, the THC level contained in our CBD flowers does not exceed 0.2% in accordance with the law.

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