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CBD to fight back pain? To analyse

minimal back pain

CBD to fight back pain? To analyse

90% of French people claim to have already had back pain. This considerable figure is accompanied by more worrying figures for the youngest. Thus, one in two work accidents would be linked to back problems in people under 50 years of age. The problem is then twofold since persistent pain is added a loss of mobility preventing those who suffer from back pain from living normally. The phenomenon tends to get worse with our increasingly sedentary lifestyles and the long hours spent sitting at a desk behind a screen. And telework is far from improving things. We must therefore move, but that does not avoid everything. Known for his anti-inflammatory and soothing effects, CBD is referred to by many as a natural solution. So, is CBD really effective for back pain ? This is our topic of the day.

CBD and back pain: yes, but beware of magic remedies!

Back pain affects most French at some point in their lives

Many articles easily found on the Internet cry out for the miracle solution. Listening to them, it’s very simple, CBD can cure everything. Let’s keep, will you, a certain lucidity on the question. Starting by noticing the wide variety of back pain that exist as well as the causes of these pains, which are also very numerous. Between the bad posturesthe muscular weakness linked to a lack of activity, uncomfortable mattresses and the more serious pathologiesthere is a world that requires appropriate treatments.

Most common back pain

There are a multitude of pathologies that can cause back pain, starting with those that directly or indirectly affect the spine:

  • Degenerative pathologies: they are generally due to repetitive movements and/or the carrying of heavy loads, and sometimes genetic. They include in particular them neuropathiesthem scoliosisthem herniated discsthem discopathies or even the vertebral compression.
  • Traumatic pathologies: they appear after an accident or in high-level athletes and include all kinds of settlements and broken bones (vertebrae or cervical spine).
  • Tumor pathologies: they include the tumors close to the spine, some cancer and infections.

As you will have noticed, back pain can be caused by a wide variety of causes, sometimes simply “mechanical”, others malignant. The intensity of back pain and the severity of the pathology can then turn out to be very different. The treatment, both substantive and supportive, must logically be adapted.

CBD is therefore in no way necessary as a treatment. It can nevertheless relieve some of these pains and contribute to the comfort of those who suffer from back pain.

Let’s see how.

The benefits of CBD for pain

cbd oil for back pain min

CBD oil helps in particular to relieve pain

At the current stage, there is nothing to confirm that CBD can treat the cause of back pain. However, many studies allow us to understand how cannabidiol, by acting on our endocannabinoid systemoffers many opportunities to relieve back pain and other pain :

  • CBD has analgesic properties: this is the main reason why CBD is recommended for pain in general, and back pain in particular. He has the ability to reduce pain.
  • He is anti-inflammatory: CBD also helps reduce inflammation.
  • CBD is also a very good muscle relaxant: it thus allows to release the tensions in the body, including at the level of the back.

These strong and proven properties justify taking CBD in case of back pain. However, its qualities must be qualified by keeping in mind that back pain is a symptom of an underlying problem (disc displacement, scoliosis, inflammation, etc.) and not the cause of the problem. Once again, it is important to remember: yes CBD can relieve back pain, but not cure it. It should therefore be considered as a comfort tool which does not exempt you from consulting a doctor for your pathology, nor does it justify replacing any conventional treatment.

Any type of CBD product can work for back pain (hemp infusion Where cbd flowersvaporization of resin, etc.). What will rather influence its effectiveness (intensity and speed) is the grip mode privileged as well as dosage. Thus, inhalation (vaporization or e-liquids) offers the fastest and most pronounced effects. However, they are less spread out over time than when taken by ingestion (capsules, cbd oil, CBD in the kitchen). Finally, a sublingual intake is a little faster than a direct ingestion (by swallowing the CBD product without first leaving it under the tongue).

Our article dedicated to legal cannabis products and their modes of consumption accompanies you in your choice, both of the product and of the appropriate type of intake.

Using hemp oil to relieve back pain

hemp oil massage for back pain min

Properly lavished, a massage with hemp oil releases tension in the back

L’hemp oil rich in CBD is one of the favorite products of CBD consumers: it is versatile, easy to use and offers marked effects. It also makes it possible not to be satisfied with a CBD isolate and to prefer oils to broad or full spectrumincluding terpenes and other legal cannabinoids, such as CBG.

There are also CBD massage oilsespecially used for promote muscle relaxation and prefer a local application. The CBD then passes through the skin to act only on the areas concerned and no longer on the rest of the body.

The hemp oil massage can then act directly on the painful back areaand better target its action.

Be careful, however: the pressure zones and the intensity of the massage should not be left to chance, at the risk of stressing the painful area a little more, or even reinforcing the inflammation. If you are interested in back massage with CBD oil, then be sure to entrust it to a massage specialist.

What level of CBD for back pain?

CBD hemp oil exists in different concentrations. When choosing a CBD product for back pain, therefore, always comes the question of dosage.

The first thing to understand is thatthere is no dosage or concentration suitable for everyone. We do not all react in the same way to cannabinoids, in particular according to our weight, our genetics or our resistance to CBD.

Similarly, depending on the desired effect, a greater or lesser quantity may be necessary.

For back pain, a dose of 20 milligrams of CBD per day is a good start (8 drops of 5% oil, 4 drops of 10%, 2 drops of 20%, etc.). Starting with a low dosage makes it possible to test the product and discover its effects on back pain, even if it means gradually increasing the dose if necessary.

Other studies recommend a minimum amount ofone milligram of CBD per day per 5 kilogram increment. This corresponds to 14 milligrams for a 70 kg person, which may be insufficient for chronic back pain.

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