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Most people today have heard of CBD; If consumers know the main forms of CBD: Flowers, Oils, Infusions, Resins, E-liquids, Cosmetics, other products derived from CBD are less known such as honey, cookies, candies etc. CDUCBD distributes a wide range of products on this Online Store and via shops in town. Our collaboration with selected hemp producers over the years, allows us to offer cheap and high quality CBD. We also act as CBD wholesaler with professionals in France.

What is CBD?

CBD refers to the cannabidiol molecule

Very little known a few years ago, CBD has now become a must in the world of well-being and cosmetic. Cannabidiol is a cannabinoid found in many foods, such as cocoa, black pepper, echinacea, rosemary, black truffle or flax seeds, and others. However, the CBD levels there are relatively low, and so are the effects.

It is in hemp that the CBD content is the most significant. There are two main varieties of hemp, the weed indica and the Cannabis Sativa. hemp or Cannabis Sativa has the advantage of having a low or even insignificant THC (tetrahydrocannabiol) level. THC, this other cannabinoid, is classified as a narcotic; it is to THC that we owe the “stone” effect prized by cannabis smokers; it is particularly found in “Indica hemp”. Designation CBD flower is short for “hemp Sativa” flower with a high concentration of cannabidiol and a low level of THC (Legal in EU less than 0.2% THC).

Is CBD classified as a drug?

Can CBD be toxic?

Absolutely not, hemp Sativa also called cannabis Sativa, is not classified as a drug as long as the THC is in trace amounts. CBD does not cause any change in the state of consciousness and the WHO considers that it does not present no risk of toxicity.

What does CBD provide?

What are its benefits?

Long before being a sulphurous plant, cannabis was used for millennia by mankind as a natural medicine; The level of knowledge did not allow to know how it interacted on the body. Today we know that the human body has a nervous system, a immune system, and also a system called endocannabinoid; the endocannabinoid system is complex, the alteration of its functioning favors the appearance of pathologies. CBD interacts beneficially with endocannabinoid system and brings surprisingly diverse benefits: Effect destressingpromotes sleep (non-sedative), painkillers; it helps muscle relaxation and has properties anti-inflammatories. It can also help to fight against migraine, it intervenes in the treatment of multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, in the reduction in blood pressure; it is used in skin care (acne). Research is also testing its effects on breast cancer metastasis.

Is CBD a medicine?

Can I heal myself with it?

CBD is used in several therapeutic approaches, but our angle is quite different; we leave this prerogative to the medical profession because it alone has the legitimacy. However, it is recognized that the CBD does not present any dangers, and its beneficial properties make it possible to bring welfare; we simply offer everyone the benefit of it according to their desires and needs. To learn more about CBD.

How to consume CBD?

CBD flowers

The cbd flower can be used to prepare an infusion, this is ideal for relaxing and reducing stress. The infusion must follow the simple rule addition of a fatty substance like coconut oil, possibly sweetened with a little honey. It can also be used as a culinary condiment in recipes for savory dishes or desserts. The flower of CBD can also be vaped using a spray producing CBD vapor by heating the flower. You will find in our shop a wide choice of flowers with various aromas.

CBD oils

CBD oil is perfect for Oral administration; put two or three drops under the tongue and ingest it after waiting a few seconds. It can also easily accompany dishes or mix with a drink; it is also used in application on parts of the body for skin care. Of all forms of CBD conditioning, it is the oil that offers the highest concentrations of cannabidiol, and therefore to have the most convincing effects. You find in our shop oils from 5% to 25% CBD.

Ready-to-use CBD infusions

It is possible to prepare your own infusions from the CBD flowerbut the CBD infusions in bags are practical and also have their charm; they offer compound aromas with the addition of other plants and also fruits such as apple,hibiscusthem elderberriesstrawberry, blackberry leaf, blackcurrant, blackberry, currant, or cinnamonfennel, gingerorange peel, anise, liquorice root,cocoa bark… You find something for everyone. They promote relaxation and quality of sleep.

CBD-based cosmetics

The virtues of CBD are used for skin care, skin hydration, soothing muscle pain. You find CBD cosmetic creams and gels combined with components such as aloe vera, excellent for nourishing the skin and reducing wrinkles. But above all CBD being an antioxidanthe helps fight free radicals implicated in skin aging. CBD oils and balms for massage applications to relieve aches and promote muscle relaxation.

CBD vaporizers

Our models are ready to use. It is vaporizers GMO-free hemp, 40% CBD; Operated by CBD flower heating, they produce a vapor like the electronic cigarette does. You will find in our shop different tastes, Lemon Haze, Blue Dream, OG Kush, Zkittles, White Widow, Strawberry Banana. The CBD vape is a simple and effective way to benefit from the various properties of CBD, without inhaling carbon monoxide.

CBD resins

Our resins are produced from varieties grown in Europe and controlled in the laboratory to meet European standards. The advantage of the resin is that it has a high concentration of CBD. like the flower, the resin can be used in a vaporizer to inhale CBD vapour. Or, by mixing it with oil, you get a balm for skin application to fight against acne. It can be integrated into culinary preparations or your infusions. You will find in our shop a large selection of quality resins such as ” Flower CBD Moon Rock 70%“, “ Red Lebanese Hash 34% CBD“, “ ISOLATOR Tangerine 30% CBD“, “ Skunk Hash 21% CBD“, “ Lemon Caramelo Hash CBD 15%“, “ CHARAS 22% CBD“, “ OG Kush 17% CBD“, “ Ketama Gold Hash CBD“.

CBD hookahs

To be reserved for Hookah lovers, our shop was among the very first to offer the CBD-based shisha full spectrum; 100% herbal compound, 200mg premium CBD. Tobacco-free, nicotine-free, THC-free. In our shop, you will find something for everyone: Frozen Berries, Marijuanna, Watermelon, or even Amnesia.

Member of the Federation of CBD Professionals
CBD Federation

We are a member of the Federation of CBD Professionals. Our products are certified in accordance with European legislation, the tests are carried out in French and Italian laboratories. The traceability of each batch of flowers is ensured by a QRCODE. We are aimed at individuals looking for the best quality at the best prices, as well as CBD shops and resellers for which we are a wholesaler. We respond to your request anywhere in France, Belgium and Luxembourg. Fast processing of your order, and delivery in 24 or 48 hours.