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Garden: how to grow cannabis easily?

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Garden: how to grow cannabis easily?

Growing cannabis isn’t that difficult, cannabis isn’t called weed for no good reason. Cannabis can grow indoors using bright lights, it can grow in greenhouses, and of course it can grow outdoors. Cannabis can grow in soil or in artificial growing media such as coir, clay pebbles and hydroponic systems. It can be grown from seed or from cuttings. Cannabis is a very adaptable plant. As long as you have the correct basic growing conditions and the seeds of a stable and potent strain, then you are virtually guaranteed to get an endless supply of a high quality stash to meet your recreational or medical needs.

However, even seed from a leading seed supplier will not perform well if growing conditions are poor. Cheap seed from an inferior seed vendor will never produce the best stash, even if the growing conditions are perfect. Growing high-quality cannabis requires a combination of quality seeds and the right growing conditions.

For many people, growing cannabis is a more reliable, safer and more convenient alternative to buying from dealers. Growing cannabis is also a lot of fun, satisfying and rewarding. Growing your own cannabis means ensuring a predictable supply of cannabis that is often far superior in quality to the inconsistent sacking weed that is sold on the streets. Ironically, the dramatic increase in cultivated cannabis in the country is the result of many years of cannabis prohibition. There are now plenty of growers who think self-sufficiency is simply less hassle and less risky than trying to find a reliable weed dealer. Besides the fact that growing your own stash has never been easier, there are a growing number of websites that provide all the information you will need, with many books explaining everything you need. will need to know in great detail.

Cultivate well, starting point

The starting point for growing great quality weed is getting good quality seed from one of the best seed suppliers. The best strains weren’t created by accident, they often took years to breed and stabilize, so don’t expect to get fantastic quality seeds for the lowest possible cost. Successful growers don’t cut corners when it comes to seed selection. Successful growers view seed as an investment, not something to save money on. You may be able to save a few bucks per seed by buying from a low cost seed supplier, but why take the risk when there are several seed companies with outstanding contributions to the cannabis seed community?

Many growers prefer to grow from seed rather than cuttings (or “clones”) because plants grown from seed are bigger, stronger and more resistant to pests and diseases than those grown from cuttings that often result in smaller, less robust “dwarf” type plants. Growing from feminized seeds is the best choice of all, not only does it give better consistency than growing from regular seeds, but potency is at its best for 80% of all strains when grown from of feminized seeds.

Things to know

When looking for a strain, choose a strain with the characteristics that suit you. You may have specific requirements, so be sure to get them, ask your preferred seed supplier for advice. Cultivation equipment is widely available, whether in the centers of gardening, on the Internet or from suppliers specialized in hydroponics. Simply put, cannabis simply needs enough light (natural or artificial), enough root space, enough nutrients (but not too much), and enough room and air. cool to grow.

Whether you grow indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse can affect your choice of variety. You may be looking for a variety that grows tall, mature plants that will fill a greenhouse (we recommend looking at our Mekong High variety) or perhaps you are looking for a smaller, bushier variety that will hide from your neighbors in the corner of your garden. Maybe you grow for medical needs, or maybe you have a specific preference for a certain Indica or Sativa strain.

For many growers, feminized seeds are the preferred option, which can limit your choice of supplier and strain.

There are many very potent, yet easy and tolerant strains to grow. Dutch Passion often recommends feminized varieties such as Orange Bud, Skunk#1, Skunk#11, Skunk #11 etc. in such cases. Growing your own cannabis allows the connoisseur to experiment with many different strains before settling on a few ‘favorite’ strains. Even within the Dutch Passion team, it’s surprising how many people have such diverse strains. Everyone is different and it’s clear that there are plenty of strains that will appeal to some more than others. This is one of the reasons why Dutch Passion has introduced the ‘Colour mix’ packs. These packets contain 3 strains, 2 seeds per strain. These packages allowed growers to enjoy 3 carefully selected high quality strains and are a good choice for those who are unsure of which strain to grow.

Whether grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse, it is not difficult to obtain top quality cannabis.

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