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Grow cannabis on your balcony or terrace

Grow cannabis on your balcony or terrace

Grow cannabis on your balcony or terrace

With the arrival of spring and good weather, grow cannabis on your balcony or terrace constitutes a very interesting option for people who consume for recreational and/or therapeutic purposes. They will be able to obtain their own harvest quickly and well done, without having to incur large expenses. This is why we have written this article in which we will show you steps to grow cannabis on his balcony or on his terrace, depending on the climate and the expectations of the grower himself.

First steps | Grow cannabis on your balcony or on your terrace

1- Light and darkness

For a cannabis plant to grow and generate a decent harvest, it is essential that it benefits at least four hours of direct sunlight and that during the night period, no artificial lighting, whether it comes from the terrace, from a street lamp or from inside your house, interferes with the natural photoperiod.

If you are able to provide them with at least four hours of direct sunlight and they do not experience any nighttime light pollution, you will be able to grow not only varieties feminized or photodependent regular (in other words, the classic plants), but also feminized or regular non-photodependent genetics (automatic).

In case the light pollution would be unavoidable overnight, opt only for feminized or non-photodependent (autoflowering) regular strains. If this is not the case, it is more than likely that the plants will not flower enough, if at all.

2- Discreet and safe cultivationgrow cannabis on your balcony

When you want to grow cannabis on your balcony, it is essential to do so in complete safety. security and to discreetly. Indeed, we run the risk of being denounced by a neighbor or being the victim of theft. Moreover, if we are betrayed by the smell, the authorities will be able to locate us. To protect yourself from these unpleasant surprises, we are going to provide you with a series of tips:

  • Hide the sides of your grow space, the front part and even the ceiling in the case of a terrace, using a shade sail and/or a canisse. You can also have decorative or artificial plants and flowers.
  • Opt for moderately growing and early flowering varieties, generating floral, earthy, incense or spicy aromas. Avoid late flowering genetics that produce sweet and fruity aromas, as they will hardly go unnoticed.
  • Grow several types of aromatic plants to camouflage the smell of cannabis, such as mint, rosemary, thyme, oregano and many others. Additionally, some of these plants act as insect repellents and provide many benefits to human beings as well.
  • Apply pruning and staking techniques to optimize the size of the plants according to your needs, especially when it comes to seasonal plants. To do this, see this article in which we detail one by one the different pruning techniques existing in the cultivation of cannabis.

3- Opt for the right flower pot

Choosing your pot is a crucial step. In this regard, these can be grouped into two broad categories: jars intended for plants automatic and the jars thought for seasonal plants.

grow cannabis on your balcony

Pots for autoflowering

For autoflowering varieties we will choose pots of 18 to 20 L at most. However, the choice of the final size will also depend on the characteristics of our growing space. Indeed, if you do not have a large and discreet surface, pots of 7 or 11 L will do the job perfectly.

Pots for seasonal plants

The size of the pots for plants of season will depend on the characteristics of the culture space and the start date of the culture. If you have a lot of space to grow large plants early in the season, it is ideal to make several transplants. The last of these will take place at the end of June. If you only have a little space, it is best to start the cultivation from June and to transplant into a pot of maximum 18 L at the beginning of July.


If you have some knowledge in terms of pruning and staking, the size of the pot can be larger, especially for seasonal plants.

4- Type of pot

the choice of pot type also has its importance. At this level we can differentiate between white and black plastic pots, pots cloth and root pruning pots. grow cannabis on your balcony

plastic jars

The jars plastic of color white help keep the substrate cooler, which is why they are preferable to black pots. They are among the most used pots for growing cannabis on your balcony or on your terrace.

Fabric pots

Cloth pots are also an option of choice because, in addition to the fact that they do not heat up excessively, they allow a excellent ventilation and an important development of the root system, which will have very positive repercussions on the final production. However, it will be necessary to increase the frequency of watering, just like the food. In addition, these pots allow transplants to be carried out directly in nutrient soil or in larger capacity pots, without having to remove the fabric pot.

Root pruning pots

Root pruning pots are available in several colors, although white is more suitable for this type of culture. They also promote a good aeration and significant development of the root system, to a lesser degree, however, than in the case of fabric pots.

5- The heat of the root system

As we have just specified, the choice of the pot is essential, if we wish to prevent the root system of our plants from suffering harmful damage caused by heat. That’s why it’s interesting to avoid that the base of the pots is in direct contact with the groundusing bricks, wood, or any other material that does not heat up any more than the ground itself, as is the case with iron.

grow cannabis on your balcony

It is also recommended to use screens so that the sun does not shine directly on the body of the pot. A slab can do the trick, but also cardboard, other larger pots or any object that creates shade.

When can you start growing cannabis on your balcony?

We can consider that the launch of outdoor growing season correspond to the arrival of spring, although, depending on the region in which we are, the schedule may vary slightly. Regardless of these criteria, to get the biggest harvest possible, the ideal is to achieve a ladder culture in variety time automatic combined with seasonal genetics (photodependent), whether they are fast flowering (fast or early version) or normal flowering.

In general, it is possible to start growing cannabis on your balcony around the end of March. Below, we will try to be a little more explicit by detailing each of the steps.

First stage :

If the good weather accompanies us, it is possible to carry out the first plantation at the arrival of spring (end of March), by scrupulously respecting the precautions to be taken against the cold, the rain and the wind. It is advisable to start with the cultivation of varieties to autofloweringbecause currently there is a wide range of very varied automatic genetics, capable of offering a production of more than 200g per plant, even 300 g. This is why it is necessary to offer them many hours of direct sunlight as well as intense nutrition, and to have an extended cultivation space. You will be able to harvest these plants after 70-90 days of life cycle.

Second step :grow cannabis on your balcony

It is advisable to initiate the culture of the second batch of automatic plants when first half of May approximately, together with seasonal genetics, for growers who want some space on their terrace, away from prying eyes. On the other hand, those with limited space will need to continue growing autoflowering strains. As for those who have not yet been able to start cultivation due to bad weather, they will germinate the first series of autoflowering seeds. On these dates, there will only be 3 or 4 weeks left for the harvest of the first series, which will free up space for the new planting after about a month of life cycle.

Third step :

This takes place during the first half of June and is especially indicated for growers who want to start the cultivation of seasonal varieties (photodependent) discreetly, and have a small balcony, sunny and spared from light pollution.

Fourth step:cannabis grown on a balcony

It is located during the first half of Julyduring which the germination of the third and last series of automatic plants of the season, barely 3 or 4 weeks before harvesting the second series of automatic plants, planted at the beginning of May. For those who started the cultivation of the first series in May because of bad weather, this stage corresponds to the second series of cannabis seeds autoflowering.

Fifth step:

She begins beginning of september and is restricted to growers residing in areas where the climate is pleasant because on these dates we will already be in autumn and the harvest of these plants will be carried out towards the end of November.

Food and prevention | Grow cannabis on your balcony or on your terrace


When you have decided to grow cannabis on your balcony or terrace, the food won’t be much different of the one who applied for the culture indoor or for culture outdoor direct seeding. However, it must be taken into account that the root system suffers more if it is confined in a pot or exposed to temperatures above 40ºC. Indeed, inside the pot, the temperatures are likely to double. Therefore, the application enzymes proves to be necessary, just like that of root stimulators and several types of effective fungi and microorganisms.


As to infestations and to mushrooms, there is the same probability of seeing them appear as when growing indoors or outdoors in direct seeding, if the growing conditions are not ideal. The causes are often inadequate fertilization, lack of application of preventive products increasing the natural defenses of plants, and insufficient protection of plants against the onset of bad weather.

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