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Grow weed as fast as possible

Grow weed as fast as possible

Grow weed as fast as possible

Cannabis cultivation can seem tedious when you consider that it sometimes takes up to 5 months to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Speeding up the process necessarily impacts quality or yield, but it is entirely possible. If you want to have pouches filled as soon as possible, this article will tell you everything you need to know.

If you do things “right”, the average time to grow cannabis is around 3-5 months. It is easy to get impatient, especially since the plant does not grow on its own, and one can legitimately wonder if it is possible to speed things up.

One solution would be to have a rotation so that a plant is always growing while you harvests another, allowing you to have fresh cannabis every two months for example. But in this article, we are going to focus on techniques to speed up the growth process.

The time between sowing and harvesting depends on the strain grown, as well as several other factors.

If you grow your cannabis outdoors, you are unfortunately subject to the rhythm of nature. Can’t change that.

However, the indoor cultivation gives you a bit more control over how plants grow. And if you want to harvest quickly, here are some great tips.

Start flowering as soon as possible

When growing cannabis from regular seed, you have to choose when move from vegetative to flowering phaseusually in modifying the lighting program. When the number of hours of light decreases, the plant begins to flower and produce buds. Depending on the strain, this could be around 8-12 weeks after seeding.

But on a strictly technical level, you can make your plants flower as soon as they are seedlings and jump the vegetative phase. Seedlings will start producing buds right away.

Let’s take a look at the stump Northern Lights, which has a total flowering time of about 8 weeks. If you put your seedlings into flowering from the time of germinationyou can harvest in less than 12 weeks.

It may seem tempting, but the yield will be much less. Your plant needs to have enough stems producing buds to a performance that respects itself. And a seedling doesn’t have a lot of stems.

You can let your plants vegetate for a shorter period than that accepted in order to switch to flowering more quickly. The yield will certainly not be extraordinary, but still more than by making the plant flower from the seedling stage. It could take three more weeks, for example, in which case you can harvest after about 14-15 weeks.

Reduce the number of hours of lighting during flowering

In addition to flowering as soon as possible, it is also possible to influence the duration of said flowering.

When your cannabis plants receive less than 13 or 14 hours of light per day, they automatically begin to flower. Outdoors, the number of light hours will slowly decrease as winter approaches. You can speed up this process as part of the indoor growing.

By manipulating the hours of light, you can force your plants to produce buds much faster than they would outdoors. To encourage the flowering process to complete faster, you can switch to 10 hours of light. All strains will respond to this type of light manipulation by producing buds at a faster rate.

All that said, this technique also impacts performance. The buds won’t get as big, which means your yield won’t be huge. This does not necessarily imply a drop in THC content. It is during the hours of light that the plant actually grows. Reducing this significantly means having a smaller harvest. But faster.

Choose seeds that grow quickly

One of the most effective ways to harvest quickly is still to choose a seed whose the flowering period is short. Some strains have a flowering phase of 8 weeks, such as Northern Lights, while in others it can exceed 12 weeksfor example the Diesel Haze. In general, strains with longer flowering times tend to perform better because they spend more time under light. However, there is no compromise in quality with strains that have a shorter flowering time.

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Among the varieties that bloom quickly are the Swiss Missthe Cheese and the Holland’s Hope. All of these strains have a flowering time of 6-8 weeks, which is about a month saved on the total process.

Another type of seed that allows you to harvest quickly are the autoflowering seedswhich automatically switch to flowering without influence of the light cycle. Most go from seed to harvest in less than 12 weeks in total. Again, it is much faster than with normal seeds.

The final word

So there are ways to get things done a little faster, but that require a compromise. If you don’t mind losing a few grams in order to harvest a month earlier, some of these techniques will come in handy. A little warning though:

We understand that you are in a hurry to harvest. But don’t forget to dry and cure your buds properly, really. You could ruin all that hard work if you neglect this last step. If you want to consume too quickly, you risk ending up with a really inferior weed. So good luck in this adventure, but don’t spoil the final product out of impatience!

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