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Growing cannabis in your garden: the steps to follow!

Growing cannabis in your garden: the steps to follow!

Growing cannabis in your garden: the steps to follow!

Cannabis? Yes, the law prohibits the production of this plant in many countries and punishes offenders. However, the hunt generally only targets dealers and large traffickers. The presence of one or two feet will certainly not attract the police to your home! You take a lot more risk buying herbs on the street! With a reasonable cultivation of this plant, you inhale quality products. Discover the main steps to follow to properly grow cannabis in your garden.

Preparation of the ground and acquisition of accessories

You start by choosing a good location to accommodate your plants. Favor an isolated corner out of sight if local legislation severely represses the cultivation of cannabis. One or two feet will be more than enough to ensure your self-consumption. Expect no more. The police could treat you as a dealer. On the other hand, you can plant cannabis in large quantities if the regulations allow you to do so. Treat yourself without falling under the law.

Land preparation

Cannabis needs space to grow ideally. You must leave at least 1.5 meters on each side between the plants. This will allow their leaves to grow properly. Two solutions are available to you for their culture.

  • You can put them directly in the ground. In this case, you completely rid the site of weeds. Then you dig a hole 60 cm deep and of the same width. We do not recommend using reclaimed soil for sowing. It certainly contains sickly critters and germs that could affect the quality of your plant. We therefore recommend that you use a substrate. Different strains are suitable for growing cannabis. Hydroponic and coconut fiber models remain popular with beginners who do not wish to prepare humus personally. In this case, you plan potting mixes to enrich the soil as your plants grow. You must provide them with all required nutrients to promote their ideal development during the first weeks.
  • The second alternative consists in putting your seeds of potted cannabis. This solution is very practical. Indeed, this plant requires a strong luminosity to grow properly. Likewise, it does not support frost and negative temperatures. You can therefore easily move the container according to the needs of your seed. You also have the option of sending it indoors if the weather is playing tricks on you.

Buying seeds

To achieve well-darkened buds with impressive THC crystalswe recommend that you acquire your cannabis seeds from a specialized platform such as High Supplies. You will also find fertilizers and instructions for successful cultivation. You benefit from discreet and free delivery of your orders throughout mainland France and overseas territories as well as in countries such as Canada, Switzerland or Belgium. This platform supports various currencies. You can make your payments in euros, US and Canadian dollars, Brazil real, etc. You can pay for your purchases in cash by post or by credit card. Bitcoin also remains available for users who wish to remain anonymous. This site only sells quality cannabis seeds. They stand out from competing products by their high germination potential. The platform markets various varieties that you can grow both indoors and in your garden. Consider the flowering period when choosing your seeds. Fall harvests can be disastrous if you live in a temperate region.

Why continue to buy weeds of dubious quality on the street on the street when a few cannabis seeds are enough to ensure your self-consumption?

Planting your seeds

the earthing timing also remains an important factor for the ideal development of your cannabis plants. You must intervene at the right time at the risk of hindering their good growth. As a general rule, we recommend that you sow your seeds after the last winter frosts. So it depends on where you live. In the Alps, plant them before the beginning of June. The period from February to March is much more suitable if you live in the south of France. The planting time varies mainly depending on your geographical location. Just keep in mind that cannabis cannot survive freezing at the time of germination. After planting, provide them with enough water. The first shoots should come out after 48 hours. It all depends on the species. Feel free to do some research to find out all about cannabis. This will help you to know the different varieties that exist.

Caring for your cannabis plants

Cannabis has regularly need water to develop normally. You must take steps to provide it constantly without drowning it. We recommend watering them early in the morning and late afternoon. It all really depends on the characteristics of your soil and the variety of cannabis planted. You will use approximately 80 to 160 liters of water per season. You also need to provide your feet with specific nutrients. Do not hesitate to inquire with your seed supplier. It will tell you the fertilizer to boost the development of your shoots. These must contain enough nitrogen. In any case, watch thepH intake. To achieve this easily, plan a pH meter pen and one bottle of Ph+ or pH- solution. Requirements generally vary depending on the substrate used. For growing in soil, a pH of 6.0-6.5 would be fine. For hydroponic and coir substrates, prefer a pH of 5.5-6.0 instead for maximum nutrient uptake. If necessary, also provide Cal-Mag intake.

Furthermore, we recommend that you weed regularly around your plants at least once a year. Repeat this operation until the consolidation of your shoots. Cannabis is generally resistant to squalls and heavy rains. It also supports high temperatures, provided it is well supplied with water. Protect it with a small fence if you notice that rabbits and other rodents frequent your garden. This will prevent them from eating the leaves of your plants. You can also urinate near your shoots to deter them from approaching them.

Anticipation of plant pollination

You must remain vigilant if you grow several plants of cannabis. You absolutely must prevent the female plants from producing seeds. This guarantees you buds with a high THC content. There are two solutions to successfully complete this step. They are essentially based on an identification of the plant sex. At first glance, this may seem difficult. However, you get there with a little care. This exercise takes place at the end of the winter period. This usually coincides with a drop in sunlight hours and the flowering of cannabis shoots.

  • The first trick is to look at the preflowers of the branches. At the level of the male plants, you discover small balls filled with pollen. You tear them off for prevent pollination. As a result, female buds will be able to accommodate THC. Of course, this guarantees you quality herbs when harvesting.
  • The second trick is suitable for the growing cannabis in a pot. You simply move the containers away from each other so the pollens from the male plants don’t reach the heads of the female shoots.

As the flowers ripen, you will notice a darkening of the pistils. You will also notice a bulge in the pods. They will appear more sticky due to the presence of the resin and THC trichomes. Rub your hands! You will be able to pick your first cannabis buds!

Harvesting your herbs

This step is prepared with care. You have to plan it properly. Take action early if extreme weather conditions or premature frosts threaten your production. In any case, do not give in to impatience. Collect only nicely darkened heads with an obvious trickle of THC. Operate with a sharp, clean knife. The leaves usually end up in the trash. However, you can also consume them. As for your herbs, you dry them for about 5 days. Prefer a slightly warm and sufficiently ventilated place. Above all, do not accumulate said heads. Show them separately. Don’t let your impatience spoil your fun by heating them in the microwave. This will affect their quality and taste.


We do not encourage you at all to violate the cannabis laws in force in your country. We address ourselves exclusively to sores who would like to inhale quality herbs. The best way to be sure is to personally plant some. This is usually limited to a few feet. The authorities are often lenient with regard to production reserved solely for self-consumption. Better, a relaxation of the regulations on the cultivation of cannabis is observed in many countries. Other nations that are more conservative on the issue are expected to follow suit in the years to come.

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