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Growing CBD at home: is it legal?

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Growing CBD at home: is it legal?

Growing CBD at home: is it legal?

Cannabis, known as hemp, is a plant now considered a powerful psychotropic. It is composed of three active ingredients: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD), and cannabinol (CBN). CBD, which has no psychotropic effect, is legal in France, as long as it has a THC level of less than 0.3%. But while the Court of Justice of the European Union has confirmed that it is illegal to ban the sale and distribution of CBD, being a legal product and manufactured in Europe, can you plant it in your garden or grow it at home? self ?


Hemp production is prohibited by French law and punishable by a fine of 7.5 million euros and 30 years in prison. On the other hand, producing hemp varieties is authorized, as long as the THC content does not exceed 0.3%.
Cultivating CBD is therefore possible in France. Many hemp farms exist in France, and any farmer can grow them. Growing hemp privately is also possible.
The cultivation of hemp is however governed by two decrees. The first dates from August 22, 1990 and the second from February 21, 2008. The legislation does not authorize the cultivation of hemp for the harvest of the inflorescences, but to work the fiber, the straw and the seed. Attention, it is absolutely necessary to respect the instructions to the letter, in the event that you expose yourself to administrative and penal sanctions.
On the SEMAE platform, you will find the list of varieties that can be cultivated but not multiplied. On that of Legifrance, you will find the list of varieties that you can multiply and market at harvest.


This cultivation method is called: outdoor CBD. To do this, all you need to do is germinate the CBD seed and then grow your hemp plant in a pot indoors. At the same time, start preparing your garden soil and add organic fertilizer. Once the frosts have passed, replant your hemp plant in the ground, in your land. At the end of the season, most often in the fall, your hemp plant reaches maturity and can be harvested.
You can also prefer an indoor culture, so indoors. Production is thus better, at the rate of several harvests in the year. It takes an investment of 600 euros on average. For this culture, you need a CBD seed, or even several, a culture chamber, a horticultural lamp, an air extractor to manage the climate, a carbon filter for odors, a fan, a pot, potting soil and organic fertilizers. The same technique as outdoor cultivation is necessary, without replanting outdoors. However, you can transplant into a larger pot if necessary.
Finally, you can also grow your CBD in a greenhouse. We are talking here about growing the CBD greenhouse. We will start here with CBD seeds, the greenhouse will give a favorable climate earlier in the season. The plant will therefore benefit from a longer season and the harvest will be better. Here you can grow in the ground or in pots. However, you have to be very careful about watering, since your plants will not benefit from the rain. This culture is practiced in the same way as the outdoor one.

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