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Hemp Oil For Pain 4 reasons to use hemp oil in a muscle cream

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4 reasons to use hemp oil in a muscle cream
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Hemp seed oil has the ability to relax muscles, it is the essential ingredient in our Muscle Cream CHANV. The synergy that operates between our hemp oil and arnica makes it an extremely effective treatment. Use all the power of the natural compounds of our muscle cream to deeply relax your muscles.

In general, on the non-prescription market, you will be able to obtain a concentration of only 2% of arnica for the same type of product. Our CHANV Muscle Cream contains 10%. This high content allows us to offer you a particularly effective product. Our cream also has the advantage of not containing any chemical substance, in addition to being handmade in Quebec.

1. Hemp oil to deeply relax your muscles

Our Nordic hemp seed oil has excellent properties, as it is a cold-pressed natural oil. It helps to effectively relax and relieve your painful joints and muscles. It’s the perfect ally to have close to you after your stretching sessions or in your daily life.

When we resume sport, it is important to warm up and opt for a physical activity adapted to our level. When these recommendations are not followed, pain, especially in the back, can occur. Used in massage, our Muscle Cream with hemp oil can help soothe your back pain.

Moreover, when from a search scientifically, hemp oil has been shown to have an anti-inflammatory effect. Ingredients naturally rich in GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) are said to be effective in relieving symptoms of inflammatory conditions.

2. Hemp oil: rapid absorption by your skin

Our Nordic hemp seed oil is one of the most natural and effective in the cosmetics industry. Indeed, its perfect ratio of omega 3 and 6 is similar to the lipid profile of our skin. For this reason, this dry oil is quickly absorbed by your skin without leaving a greasy film after application.

This unique profile gives hemp oil the ability to help absorb the natural properties of all the ingredients in our muscle cream through your skin. This effective formula will allow you to benefit from rapid relief and relief of your sore or tense muscles.

A hemp cream to soothe headaches

Our Muscle Cream CHANV can also help relieve your headaches with its perfect combination of hemp oil, arnica, lavender and menthol. To achieve this, perform a slow and gentle massage at the base of your neck, on the top of your forehead and on your temples. Simply let the naturally powerful ingredients in our formula work and see the results.

3. Hemp oil for deep hydration

Hempseed oil has a high hydration capacity thanks to its perfect ratio of omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. Hydration is a key factor in warding off muscle pain such as aches. You can hydrate your body through drinks, food and also through your skin.

Dehydration is one of the triggers of muscle stiffness. Do not wait to be thirsty to drink. Good fluid intake combined with Muscle Cream based on hemp will allow you to reduce the frequency of your discomforts such as joint and muscle tension. You will finally be able to feel better and resume your activities more easily. Plus, our Nordic Hemp Seed Oil helps maintain the skin’s moisture barrier.

Don’t forget to listen to your body so you don’t hurt yourself, both during sports sessions and during your daily tasks.

4. A Quebec hemp oil without chemical ingredients

Our hemp seed oil comes from a northern agriculture, carbon neutral, without pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers. We are the only ones in Quebec to operate with a first cold pressing oil press. Our experts transform hemp seeds into a pure and natural oil.

Cold pressing is an ancestral method that ensures the quality of our Nordic hemp oil is maintained. We meticulously harvest our hemp seeds and then dry, sort and clean them before pressing them. This is how our oil retains all of its natural properties and original nutritional value. Hemp oil is recognized as the most complete and effective vegetable oil, which is why we have included it in our Muscle Cream.

Since 2004, CHANV has been manufacturing benevolent natural products with hemp oil. Thanks to this expertise, our range of Nordic body care products has earned a place of choice in the cosmetics industry, a market that it revolutionizes daily.

Tips and recommendations for use

  • Use up to 5 times per day
  • Place the jar of CHANV Muscle Cream in your refrigerator for an even more soothing sensation
  • CHANV Muscle Cream has an optimal relaxing effect when applied during massage
  • It can be applied on all parts of the body

Optimize muscle relaxation by combining our Muscle Cream with our Moisturizing and Soothing Oil CHANV. The latter contains 47.5% hemp oil. It can be used in your bath or in massage for deep relaxation and hydration. It is safe for pregnant women and children. This massage oil based on hemp oil also has the advantage of reducing itching due to dry skin. Then, you can complete this treatment by applying our Muscle Cream which will help you relieve your muscle contractures.

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