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Hemp Oil For Pain Hemp oil and sport: what are the benefits?

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hemp oil cbd sport benefits

Hemp oil and sport: what are the benefits?
Topic: hemp oil for pain

The sports world is increasingly interested in cannabis derivatives. Among these derivatives, hemp oil is a product that is becoming more popular in France. We know today that this natural oil contributes to the improvement of athletic abilities and better recovery. Zoom on hemp oil and its benefits for athletes.

What is hemp oil?

hemp oil cbd sport benefits

Hemp oil comes from the seeds of hemp. Generally dark green in color, it has a strong smell of cut grass. It is composed of fatty acids (saturated fatty acids and unsaturated fatty acids). Hemp oil is known to contain lots of omega-3s and omega-6s. This vegetable oil also contains vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, E, amino acids and other beneficial elements for the body.
Hemp oil is known for its many benefits for the body : strengthening of the immune system, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, prevention of cognitive disorders, cardiovascular health, relaxing, regenerating, etc. It is normal for sportswomen to take this oil to take advantage of its benefits!

Hemp oil and sport: what are the benefits?

An effective anti-inflammatory

The vegetable oil of CBD is used in different ways in sports. Its anti-inflammatory power is very popular with sportsmen and women. The consumption of hemp oil (or in local application) makes it possible to reduce inflammation and swelling associated with sports practice (swelling of the joints, tendons or muscles). Intense contact sports are particularly affected by these problems of swelling and inflammation. Cannabis derivatives help relieve inflammations and promote healing. Hemp oil (and CBD in general) would also reduce muscle spasms after an intense session of bodybuilding.

Relieve sports-related injuries and pain

hemp oil cbd sport benefits

Athletes, and more particularly top athletesoften undergo pains related to intensive sports training. Whether it’s pain due to too much sport or pain caused by an injury, hemp oil is very useful in these situations. It is recommended touse hemp oil (or a product containing CBD) rather than taking large doses of strong painkillers. Many athletes may tend to abuse painkillers to calm their pain and heal their injuries more quickly. In this case, it makes more sense to choose hemp oil as first aid, to avoid any abusive behavior or addiction to painkillers.

Better recovery thanks to hemp oil

Third main benefit of hemp oil: enjoybetter recovery after sports sessions. This vegetable oil is renowned for ease the painbut also for its ability to muscle repair, tendons, heart and nervous system. It is therefore a useful remedy for recovery after sport. In the case of an injury, hemp oil is also prized : it helps to rebuild broken bones and torn tendons or muscles. For example, it can help heal and recover after a fracture.
There are others benefits of using hemp oil : it allows you to have a better quality sleep, it is relaxing and helps to reduce stress and anxiety, and it helps to obtain better sports performance. With better sleep, a calm and relaxed mind and better recovery after your sports sessions, you have more energy and your athletic performance is improved. Thanks to hemp oil!

How to use hemp oil as sports?

hemp oil cbd sport benefits

Hemp oil can be used in different ways:

  • to eat raw during your meals (in your salads, yoghurts, on fish, in a soup, etc.);
  • to swallow (drop by drop);
  • in massage oil (local application or all over the body);
  • in lip balm
  • in hair lotion
  • in face and body lotion or cream

For sportsmen and women, the 3 most common uses of hemp oil are: massage oil, to relieve local pain and relax muscles; raw consumption, as part of your sports regimen; and a dosage of a few drops to swallow, for rapid absorption by the body.

There are no risks in consuming and using hemp oil to recover from your workouts and improve your athletic abilities. The World Anti-Doping Agency has authorized the use of CBD, and, subsequently, hemp oil, for athletes, without constraints. So you can take advantage of many benefits of this natural hemp oil for your regular practice of sport!

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