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Hemp Oil For Pain Legal hemp oil effectively treats chronic neuropathic pain

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Legal hemp oil effectively treats chronic neuropathic pain

Legal hemp oil effectively treats chronic neuropathic pain
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Researchers examine the effectiveness of consuming hemp oil extracted from the plant of hashish using an animal model of chronic neuropathic pain. Researchers at the University of New Mexico (UNM) showed that legal hemp oil reduced sensitivity to mechanical pain by 10 times over several hours in mice with chronic postoperative neuropathic pain.

Distinguished from its cousin still largely prohibited by law, “hemp” refers to hashish plants containing less than 3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in mass. Hemp is now legally allowed to be produced and consumed in most parts of the United States (US) thanks to the Hemp Farming Act.

This major breakthrough in cannabis prohibition now gives millions of Americans access to a natural, effective, and relatively safe option for treating chronic pain. Conventional pharmacological drugs, namely opioids, cause the leading form of preventable death, and conventional medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States.

The University of New Mexico has conducted a series of recent studies to test the efficacy and safety of consuming the hash plant, but this is the first study measuring the therapeutic potential of hash oil. legal hemp with low THC content.

“Low THC cannabis plants are still psychoactive, but tend to result in less psychedelic experiences, while providing profound and often immediate relief from symptoms such as pain, anxiety and depression,” said co-investigator Dr. Jacob Miguel Vigil, associate professor in the Department of Psychology at UNM.

Using a chronic neuropathic pain model that exposes mice to postoperative neuropathic pain equivalent to several years of chronic pain in human clinical clients, researchers were able to examine the impact of hemp oil on the momentary tenderness of pain in the affected area. For several hours after cannabis consumption, mice demonstrated effective pain relief, approaching pain sensitivity mechanics of naive control mice that did not undergo the operation.

“Our lab uses a unique nerve injury model that mimics human neuropathic pain that has demonstrated hemp’s reversal of pain-related behavior,” said lead researcher Dr. Karin N. Westlund of the Department of anaesthesiology, their report entitled “The Therapeutic Performance of Whole Spectrum Hemp Oil Utilizing a Serious Neuropathic Soreness Design”, published in the journal Lifestyle.

Animal studies may be superior to clinical trials because they circumvent human bias and expectation effects, or perceptual and cognitive responses to enrollment in hashish experiments. Several studies measuring the effects of cannabis in humans observe people reporting psychedelic experiences whether or not they received the active agent in cannabis, otherwise known as the “placebo effect”.

The study examined the effectiveness of “LyFeBaak” hemp oil, produced by Natural-Energetic Remedies, which has been legal to purchase in New Mexico since 2019. “We cultivate hemp in an optimized way to potentiate the health and plant vitality through hypermineralization methods. Rather than just plants being grown in an excessive or runaway state, which is unfortunately common in the hash industry. These techniques have allowed us to make hemp products that people swear are effective in treating dozens of mental and physical health conditions. New changes in hemp laws now allow us to test these claims,” adds co-author and hemp grower Anthony L. Ortiz.

“Hemp plants contain many therapeutic constituents that likely contribute to analgesic responses, including terpenes and flavonoids, which theoretically work together like members of a symphony, often described as the entourage effect,” explains the researcher Jegason P. Diviant. Several clinical studies have shown that drugs based on synthetic hash analogues and isolated compounds tend to provide less symptom relief and more negative side effects than the whole plant or extracts of the plant and flower of full-spectrum hashish.

The authors point out that there are few studies on the use of hashish.

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