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Hemp Oil For Pain Try CBD for Chronic Pain and Anxiety

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Can CBD really heal us?

Try CBD for Chronic Pain and Anxiety
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But can CBD really cure us?

Deena Gandin is convinced of this. For years, her job as a housekeeper had caused her pain, which two car accidents in 10 months had aggravated in 2018. At 48, this Ontarian was ready for anything.

“I’m the most skeptical person on the planet,” she says, “but I didn’t want to get addicted to narcotics. I ended up resigning myself to trying CBD.” She opted for an oil. “It changed my life. In the sense of: is this, then, a life without pain? Before, when I got home at 4 p.m., I barely made it to the couch.

Now it rolls until 9 p.m. I’m ready to shout it from the rooftops.”

Deena noticed another interesting change after she started taking CBD – her chronic depression and anxiety disappeared. “I don’t have that horrible knot in my stomach anymore,” she said.

here are the the most common cases for which cannabis can be prescribed.

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How can CBD induce so many changes?Dmytro Tyshchenko/Shutterstock

How can one molecule induce so many changes?

And if CBD has all the virtues that researchers attribute to it, how does it know where to intervene? “Specialists around the world are looking into this,” laughs Danielle Blair, founder of Calyx Wellness, a Canadian company that makes CBD-based products. Our body guides it.”

Our endocannabinoid system (ECS) may have part of the answer. Discovered later, in the 1990s, it is a network of cannabinoid transmitters and receptors that ensure homeostasis or balance in the body. The body produces its own cannabinoids, and its organs—brain, heart, pancreas, neurons, skin, reproductive organs, digestive tract, and liver, among others—have receptors to pick them up. They act as much on immune and inflammatory reactions as on appetite and pain.

The plant called cannabis or Indian hemp also makes it. When its phytocannabinoids bind to cannabinoid receptors in the human body, something like a thunderbolt happens.

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The mistrust of the beginning

Dr. Richa Love is one of CBD’s most ardent advocates. “You can compare receptors to locks, she explains, and cannabinoids to keys.” (That’s how ECS works, but CBD doesn’t actually enter these locks; it activates them, inducing the body to produce even more cannabinoids.)

Dr. Love has been a family physician for almost 20 years. About five years ago, she refused to prescribe medical cannabis to an elderly patient who asked her for it to relieve her arthritis. “My training and my intuition told me that she wanted drugs,” she says. She went elsewhere, and I then understood that she was much better. Quite a lesson in humility for a doctor!”

Richa Love herself suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. About four years ago, she had a seizure so severe she couldn’t control the pain despite a flurry of medication and had to walk with a cane. His rheumatologist even mentioned the hypothesis of a work stoppage, temporary, but which could just as well have been permanent. “I tried CBD oil, and it was a lifesaver,” says Dr. Love. So, I started to study the matter more seriously.

My own interest in CBD stems from a long struggle with insomnia to which chronic pain has recently been added. Since the start of my quarantine, I’ve been collecting strains and tears, which got me addicted to a mixture of Advil and Tylenol, at the risk of damaging my liver and kidneys. I’ve been taking benzodiazepines occasionally – more often lately – for nearly 15 years to combat insomnia, which can also be addictive and increases the risk of one day suffering from dementia. Massages, osteopathy, surgery, acupuncture, cognitive-behavioral therapy, meditation, and so on, nothing has solved one problem or the other for good.

“Mom can’t play with you,” I tell my eight-year-old son. Mom has a sore arm, mom is tired.
“You’re always tired,” he sighs.

I have to find a solution. It lands in my mailbox. I try a small line of CBD-infused products — chosen by an anything but scientific method: website usability — in an attempt to escape this vicious circle (insomnia exacerbates pain and pain, insomnia) . A balm from the Organa company does nothing for the arm that is recovering from tendon and ligament repair surgery or for the leg whose pain my doctors say is actually from a torn tendon in the ankle. Maybe I’m asking too much of a $35 cream. I then take 30 mg capsules of CoCos Pure brand CBD oil for a few weeks, without any convincing results.

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