How to grow autoflowering seeds?

How to grow autoflowering seeds?

Autoflowering seeds: how to grow autoflowering seeds outdoors and indoors optimally.

In recent years, the sale of cannabis seeds online has experienced a boom, especially for autoflowering seeds, also called automatic seeds, or simply “AUTO”. The reason is very simple: the possibility of grow and harvest very quicklywithout having to wait for an entire season to pass.

This is exactly what happens with regular seeds, including feminized but non-autoflowering seeds. Whoever plants in summer harvests at the end of the summer season, or during the first months of autumn, precisely because the varieties in question are seasonal.

The cannabis seeds automatic, on the other hand, bloom independently of season and photoperiod, and can grow both indoors and outdoors. But how do you grow autoflowering seeds?

Today we want to tell you about how to grow these products so that you can get an excellent yield.

Growing autoflowering seeds outdoors and indoors: the key information.

Before reading exactly how to grow autoflowering seeds, you should have some basic information about these products. Here are a few :

  • The flowering of autoflowering varieties, unlike regular varieties, depends on their age and the size of the plant. Usually the plants start flowering 3-4 weeks after the autoflowering seeds germinate. Good growth is therefore essential for growers to get a good yield.
  • Auto-flowering plants need very long light cycles to flower optimally. The ideal amount of light is 18 to 24 hours a day.
  • Lautoflowering seeds can be grown outdoors all year round in most climates (except in freezing conditions or strong winds). That is why it is advisable to plant them in pots during the winter). In any case, it must be considered that the greater the amount of light, the greater the flowering yield will be. This is why the ideal months for planting autoflowers outdoors are the summer months.
  • What is the production of an auto-flowering plant? It is small in size, so the yield is lower than that of a seasonal variety. In general, if grown indoors, a plantation produces between 400 and 500 g per square meter, while outdoors one can obtain around 30 or 40 g per plant.

With that said, let’s start with the details of growing autoflowers.

Where to plant autoflowering cannabis seeds?

Whether the grower chooses to plant them outdoors or indoors, autoflowering seeds need large pots that can hold 11-18 liters of soil. The development period of automatic plants is very fast, so it is essential that the seeds germinate in their final soil. This plant does not tolerate repottingas she usually does not have time to recover after the change of floor and space.

Land must be purchased on a piecemeal basis; however, it should be rich, well-nourished and airy, with precise amounts of perlite and coconut fiber.

It is also essential not to compact the soil so that the roots have enough oxygen and space to grow.

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The choice of pots is also essential when outdoor cultivationin order to be able to bring the plants indoors when they need more light, and in case of unfavorable climatic conditions (especially during the winter period).

Germination and vegetative growth phase of autoflowering cannabis seeds

The germination times of autoflowering seeds are very fast. In general, growers immerse the seeds in a glass or container filled with sterilized drinking water, at a temperature between 20 and 25ºC. The seeds sink to the bottom of the container in 4 hours and develop a small root in a maximum of 2 days.

They then transfer the seeds to a cotton disc and, when the root reaches a length of 2 or 3 cm, they then plant the seeds in a pot. After a few days, the seedling appears, which requires temperatures between 22 and 25%, and very high relative humidity, between 70 and 90%.

At the third week of life of the autoflowering plant, we can speak of the vegetative growth phase. During this period, the plants, which should have reached a height of about 15 cm, need a temperature of 20ºC and a relative humidity of 50%.

The vegetative phase lasts 2-4 weeks depending on the variety, during which growers (usually) use a root stimulator, and alternate one irrigation with water and fertilizer and another with water only.

growing in pots outdoors

After the vegetative growth phase, essential for a good yield, the plant begins the pre-flowering phase.

Pre-flowering phase of automatic plants

During this period, the plant begins to develop flowers (because our BSF cannabis seeds are all feminized cannabis seeds) and increases in size to about 1 meter in height.

In order to achieve good flower development but at the same time a good yield due to the size of the plant, it makes sense to mix half the dose of growth fertilizer with half the dose of fertilizer for flowering.

Autoflowering begins about three weeks after preflowering begins.

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Flowering time of autoflowering plants

During this phase, growers typically use a flowering stimulator, which makes the buds bigger, heavier and richer in cannabinoids. The stimulator makes the flowers rich in resin, resulting in increased potency and lingering tastes and smells.

2 to 3 weeks before ripening and flower harvestwhich takes place about 11 weeks after the germination of the autoflowering seeds, the growers wash the roots to eliminate traces of fertilizer, and noticeably improve the taste of the buds.

This practice simply consists of watering thoroughly using only water, without nutrients, and adjusting the pH of the soil to 6.5. In general, two or three times more water is poured to wash the roots than the size of the pot.

Now you know exactly how to grow autoflowering seeds: buy them now at Sensory Seeds !

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