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How to grow cannabis

How to grow cannabis

How to grow cannabis

When will my cannabis plant start having buds?

In most cases, after 3 weeks of flowering, the cannabis plant begins to form buds. By then the plant will have reached its maximum height and the buds will start to take shape, eventually providing you with weed. Autoflowering seeds already start flowering after two weeks.

When will my plant need a more powerful/different lamp?

For the growth phase of the plant you will need different lamps than for the flowering period. We strongly recommend the use of LED lamps and High Pressure Natrium lamps for the growth phase with whiter colors and for the flowering phase to use more conventional lighting of a warmer intensity.

If the side branches are exposed to more light, will they grow faster?

Yes, if the side branches are exposed to more light they will grow much faster. One of the ways to get better light exposure for the side branches is to practice pruning at the main buds of your cannabis plant.

If I need to add nutrients to my cannabis plant, what kind of nutrients can I add and when should I add them?

There are two types of nutrients for your cannabis plants: growth additives and flowering additives. The amount and type of nutrients is highly dependent on the type of soil used for planting your marijuana plant. During the growth period we recommend adding liquid root fertilizer. Always check the information provided on the packaging for the quantities to use, they are different for each brand and type of product. In the flowering period, you have to switch to flowering fertilizer, there is also a wide variety of manufacturers and with different properties. One of the most widely used fertilizers today is the PK 13/14 flowering fertilizer, a mixture of phosphorus and calcium that stimulates flowering and the formation of buds. Take care to always check the quantities.

When can I stop fertilizing my cannabis plants?

As soon as your plants have reached 30% or more brown colored trichomes, you should stop fertilizing. Your cannabis plant can “cleanse” within one to two weeks and will be ready for harvest.

How big will my cannabis plant grow after it starts to form its buds?

Once bud formation has started, the plant will no longer grow in height or width. Only the tips will increase in size and the crystals/resin will grow.

What is the best way to store Suzy Seeds seeds?

The best way to store your seeds is to store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Your fridge might be the best option for keeping your cannabis seeds in this case. In this case, make sure your seeds are sealed tightly to avoid exposure to moisture as much as possible.

How long can I store my Suzy Seeds cannabis seeds?

We strongly recommend not keeping cannabis seeds for more than a year. Until the end of this period, the germination power of the seed is still very high. It is possible to save your seeds for longer than a year but keep in mind that the chances of germination will be reduced.

What is the best way to germinate seeds and when should I plant them in the ground?

There are several ways for germination. My favorite is to germinate the seeds in a small cup of water, and later on a plate between 2 layers of wet paper. This way, you will be able to plant your plants in the ground in less than a week. here you can learn more about my favorite germination method and also about other methods.

When should I record the peak growth of my plants?

Your plant develops the most in the period called “pre-growth”. In the beginning the plant growth is slow but once your plant has enough leaves it will grow considerably. After this time, you will notice its growth every day.

Does my cannabis plant need light when I plant it in the ground?

Once the seed has germinated and is visible on the ground, it will need light. In the first pre-growth phase you will provide 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness to your marijuana plants. Your plants need a lot of light at the beginning of growth to be able to develop well in height and width.

If my plants are too close together, will they grow less?

In case your plants are too close to each other, many branches will not receive enough light and the yield will be much lower for each of the plants.

How do I keep my plants in the growth phase and make sure I don’t start the flowering phase too soon?

As long as your plants are exposed to 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness, they will stay in the growth phase. It is important not to let the plants get too tall. The size of your plant also depends on the wattage of your bulbs. The higher the wattage, the more your plants will grow. If your plant gets too tall, the secondary branches will no longer get enough

How can I get my plants into the flowering phase?

To do this, change the light exposure cycle to 12 hours of light for 12 hours of darkness.

If I grow my cannabis outdoors, do I need to add fertilisers?

Yes, outdoor production basically has the same methods as indoor production. Aside from the fact that you can’t control the climatic conditions, you will also have to adapt the nutrients of your plants to their needs. If your plants are exposed to many hours of sunlight, they will also require more additives. Read here more about the pros and cons of outdoor culture.

In the case of outdoor planting, should I plant them in a pot or directly in the ground?

Each of the methods has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage of planting in pots is that you can move your plants around, adapting to the best climatic conditions. On the other hand, you will need to continue adding fertilizers during the container growth period due to the limits of the soil contained in the container, so the plant will not be able to develop properly without sufficient external inputs. A great advantage of growing cannabis outdoors and directly in the ground is that you won’t have to add a lot of fertilizers and the plant will have enough space to develop its roots and grow quickly. The only problem with this method is in the event of heavy rain or a thunderstorm, the buds could be damaged by humidity or mold.

What sort of soil do I need for planting outdoors?

The cannabis plant can grow in all types of soil, only that in some types of soil it will grow better than in others. Cannabis grows best in airy soil with enough nutrients. If you are looking for the best type of floor, we recommend that you go to a specialist store.

What kind of equipment do I need to grow my cannabis plant indoors?

Equipment such as pots, potting soil (or other horticultural planting material), seeds, lamps, water and fertilizers. For more information on indoor plantations, click here

What type of cannabis smells the least?

Sativa strains are significantly less fragrant than Indica strain examples. If you are looking for a plant that does not smell too much in any case, do not opt ​​for a Skunk variety, these have the characteristic of being denoted by their aroma, especially in the flowering period, so -she found her name:

How can I tell if my plant is male or female?

A female marijuana plant most of the time looks like a healthier plant with a higher density of branches than males. Female plants are much fuller and males look slimmer. Our advice is to check the base of the leaves as female plants have visible hairs and male plants only have a small round ball. look here for more information and examples on Male vs Female Cannabis Plants.

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