How to grow CBD legally in France?

How to grow CBD legally in France?

How to grow CBD legally in France?

The discovery of the many benefits of CBD, or cannabidiol, has boosted the cultivation and production of CBD all over the world, including in France. If the legal framework governing the cultivation of industrial hemp already seems to be clear to everyone, that for the production and cultivation of CBD remains relatively vague and unknown so far. To the extent that the CBD farms flourish across the country, as do CBD shops, it is important to ask the question: “how grow CBD legally in France? ” The answer in this article.

Is growing CBD legal in France, what does the law say?

In France, the CBD production is permitted only from hemp. The cannabis cultivation Where marijuana being illegal in the country. It is strictly forbidden to exploit the flowers of this plant for get CBDeven if it is found in high concentrations on the petals of the plant.

Whether privately or professionally, it is therefore legal to cultivate CBD in France as long as it is permitted varieties of industrial hemp. But here again, we must be careful, because the french law provides a number of rules to frame the sector, however some rules go against European law, we mention them:

  • The hemp plants cultivated must be included in the list of authorized varieties by the Ministry of Health. Only about twenty varieties are authorized to date (Santhica 27, Orion 33, Futura 75, Finola, Epsilon 68, Dioica 88…) here the complete list.
  • The weed seeds must also be provided by an approved organization, like the Central Cooperative of Hemp Seed ProducersWhere CCPSC.
  • The culture must be declared to the National Federation of Hemp Producers and the gendarmerie to avoid surprise visits following a call from neighbors.
  • It is forbidden to use flowers or flowering tops of hemp for extract CBD. Only the stem and the seeds can be exploited, but European law does not recognize this limitation to stems and seeds.
  • To remain legal, the cultivation of CBD must also respect the maximum authorized level of THC. In France, this is 0.2%. Of the seed certificates justifying this rate must be provided by the producer or cannabis grower.

Hemp cultivation in France is governed by two decrees: that of August 22, 1990 and that of February 21, 2008.

What is the difference between cannabis and hemp?

In reality, these two terms refer to the same plant. Cannabis is the scientific name for hemp. Cannabis Sativa L. “. Cannabis also refers to THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid in hemp. It is therefore the strains that contain a particularly high level of THC that are generally called cannabis. The latter also has other synonyms, such as marijuana, weed, weed, seal, hashish, hash, weed, etc. The cultivation of these varieties is strictly prohibited.

At the same time, there are varieties that have a low THC content (less than 0.2%) and can be grown legally. It is these that are referred to as hemp or industrial hemp.

How is the legal cultivation of CBD carried out?

As mentioned above, French law does not allow the cultivation of hemp for the harvest of its flowers. It authorizes it only for the exploitation of seeds, fiber and straw. But it does not comply with the legislation in Europe, hence a legal vagueness because European law is supposed to prevail legally.

There are three cultivation techniques for growing cannabidiol:

Outdoor culture

It is a mode of culture that takes place outdoors, that is to say in the garden. First you have to germinate the CBD seeds. Once germinated, they must be grown indoors, in a pot, while waiting for the frosts to pass. Only then can you transplant seedlings into the ground. First, the soil must be prepared by adding organic fertilizer. Harvesting usually takes place in the fall. Hemp matures after 4 months.

Indoor cultivation

This is the most recommended technique. The indoor or indoor growing actually gives a much better production, both in terms of quantity and quality. A CBD seed can give a harvest of 600g of dry matter. It also tastes better. In addition, it is possible to have several harvests in one year. The reason for all this is that the climatic conditions are better inside. For grow hemp indoorsyou need a pot, potting soil, organic fertilizer, a grow roomof a horticultural lampof a air extractorof a fan and a carbon filter.

Greenhouse cultivation / greenhouse

There is one last possibility to cultivate CBD hemp : greenhouse cultivation. The latter has the advantage of providing a favorable climate earlier. The season is therefore longer. Which means that the harvest is much better. In the greenhouse, you can opt for growing in pots or in the ground. However, be careful with watering, because the plants do not receive rainwater.

What are the different stages of growing CBD hemp?

Hemp grows on moist, level ground. A contribution in potassium and in nitrogen must also be done to improve the harvest.
Regarding the stages of hemp cultivation, the latter is not very demanding as a plant. It needs almost no maintenance between planting seeds and harvesting, except some tillage to remove weeds.

How is CBD harvesting done?

Rules apply to harvesting CBD hemp. You can’t do whatever you want at the risk of being sued.
First of all, only hemp seeds and fibers can be harvested. The flower cannot be. It must be left in the fields and burned. (Remember that this is a contentious subject between France and European law)

During harvest, the THC content of the plants is measured. It should not exceed 0.2%.
Harvesting takes place in three stages: seed threshingthe mowing and the stem pressing. Harvesting can begin when the first leaves fall, a sign that the plants have reached maturity.

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