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How To Grow Your Cannabis Faster?

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How To Grow Your Cannabis Faster?

How To Grow Your Cannabis Faster?

Cannabis growers each have their own style. Some enjoy the slow processes of plant growth and love gardening. This gave rise to plans for impressive bonsaiwhere growers train and guide their cannabis plants to create the most amazing structures. Other growers, on the other hand, don’t care so much about process, and are more results-oriented. They just want to get big buds as soon as possible. This could be because growing cannabis is still illegal in most countries. Or that it could be profitable in countries where the cultivation of cannabis is already legalized. Luckily, growing cannabis quickly isn’t that hard! Read this blog to find out how to grow cannabis faster.

It all starts with genetics

Some genetics need a longer flowering phase than others. The genetics at indica-dominant blooms for about 45-60 days on average. Genetic dominant sativa it can flower for 60 to 90 days! This makes a big difference, considering that the total flowering time can vary by 45 days. Sativa-dominant strains produce bigger, taller buds, but not as dense as most indica-dominant strains. Although sativa-dominant strains grow taller, the yield is generally comparable, since the buds are not as dense. For people who want to grow cannabis faster, strains with strong indica dominance are a good option.

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With a total lifespan of 10-17 weeks, even indica-dominant strains require some patience. If you are a die-hard sativa fan, but want your cannabis to grow faster, the autoflowering strains could be the ideal solution. These plants begin to flower when they reach a certain size, and are not dependent on a change in light hours. They usually begin their pre-flowering after 2-5 weeks of vegetative growth. Some very fast autoflowering strains can even be harvested in less than 10 weeks. Also, autoflowers are not dependent on changing light hours. This means growers can keep their lights on an 18/6, 20/4, or even 22/2 light schedule throughout the shoot. This has a huge impact on the rate of growth.

grow outdoors

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Growers’ ongoing debate: Is growing indoors better than growing outdoors? When growing indoors, you will have much more control over your grow and the different growth phases of a cannabis plant. You can easily change lights, temperatures and humidity. With the right knowledge, it is certainly possible to speed up the growth of your outdoor cannabis plants. Read on to learn more about it!

Change indoor light schedule

Photoperiod plants begin to flower as soon as the hours of light decrease, signaling to the plant that summer is over, triggering flowering. This can easily be done indoors, by changing the light schedule from 18/6, 20/4, or even 22/2 to 12/12. This gives a lot of freedom: you can choose to keep your plants in the vegetative phase for only a few weeks, or for a very long time. This will result in taller plants with higher yields. The SOG method is a technique that benefits from these adjustments. With this technique, many individual plants are grown in a relatively small area. Each individual plant will grow for only a few weeks before entering the flowering phase. This is one of the popular methods for growing cannabis plants faster. Read more about this method on our blog:

sea ​​of ​​green cannabis weed

All about the SOG technique here

Another option is to keep the lights on 24/7 during the vegetative phase. This will allow your plants to grow much faster, as they are forced to keep growing constantly. This means you can start the flowering phase earlier. Be aware that a 24/7 lighting schedule can be stressful. Cannabis plants naturally need sleep, just like all living organisms!

Good nutrition inside

Cannabis plants require different types of nutrition during different growth phases. During the vegetative phase, it is important to feed them enough nitrogen. Nitrogen induces the production of chlorophyll, which is the key to converting energy (light) into sugars, and helps plants grow faster. Plants also need nitrogen during the flowering phase, but much less than during the vegetative phase. Be careful not to overfeed your plants with nitrogen, this can weaken the stems and give the flowers an odd taste. Overall, poor nutrition will slow the growth of your cannabis plants, good nutrition will help you grow your cannabis faster.

During the flowering phase, cannabis plants mainly need phosphorus and potassium. Phosphorus helps release nutrients for the plant, so it can absorb other nutrients efficiently. Potassium is great for strong stems, ATP production for energy storage, a strong immune system, and sturdy buds. If you want to know more about nutrition for cannabis plants, check out our detailed blog on this topic.

stikstof kalium fosfor

Have a look on our blog for more info!

Indoor hydroponics

The hydroponics means that the roots of your plants are not in the ground, but directly in the water. This allows you to feed your plants more precisely, and to consume less water. When hydroponic growth is correct, cannabis grows faster. Growing hydroponically isn’t as difficult as it might seem, which is why this option is becoming increasingly popular among hobbyists. Learn more about hydroponic growth in this blog !

hydroponics diagram

Click here to read this blog !

Change outdoor light schedule

For those who want to grow photoperiod plants outdoors, it takes a lot of effort to increase the rate of growth. One option is to put the plants under a light at night, which is not easy. And in addition, one can no longer speak of an authentic outdoor culture.

What’s easier is to force your plants to start flowering earlier. This can be achieved by covering your plants, or putting them in the dark in some way, before sunset. When the plants receive 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, they begin to flower. You just need to check when the sun rises and sets, so you can time this trick and force your plants to start flowering earlier. This will shorten the total grow time and allow you to grow your cannabis faster.

Produce your own cannabis seeds

Pollinate your buds

The cannabis plant forms its buds to produce enough aroma to be pollinated by a male cannabis plant. Usually, growers try to avoid it, because the plant will transfer energy from producing large buds to producing seeds. When you hand pollinate your ladies about a week before harvest, it will speed up bud ripening. Be sure to harvest your plants before the seeds develop.

Back to genetics

There are plenty of ways to grow your cannabis plants faster. However, the main influence is the genetics you cultivate. With a photoperiod sativa dominant plant, you will need to put in a bit more effort than with photoperiod indica strains. Autoflowering plants obviously remain the fastest of all. For good results, without too much effort, our Blue Amnesia Autoflowering is a good option. This sativa dominant autoflowering variety will quickly complete its growth cycle. Apart from this strain, we have a large selection of indica-dominant autoflowering strains such as Choco Kush Autoflower, Milkshake Kush Autofloweringand many others !

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