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How to make videos like a pro?

How to make videos like a pro?

How to make videos like a pro?

That’s it, you’ve just launched your influencer career by creating a video channel on platforms like Youtube, so be ready to publish your first video. But you may not be a pro in this area, and hiring a professional would cost you a lot. Know that from a simple Smartphone, you can make beautiful videos. How ? Here are some tips to achieve this.

The script first

Some people think that the visual quality of the video comes before the script, but that’s not true. Because it is the script that will set the tone for the message you want to convey. It must therefore be treated. Before writing it, have your goals in mind. Why do you want to create the video, ask yourself questions like: what audience is it aimed at? It is from your objectives that you will plan, then write your script. It should be as structured as possible. Be clear and concise and go straight to the point. It should also not be monotonous at the risk of boring your audience.

Your tone of voice and your articulation

Make a speech in video is not a talent that everyone has. Although it is not the same as speaking in public, since you can redo the sequence or even the entire video at any time, you still have to learn to speak and articulate well. It is thanks to your tone that your audience will continue to listen to you or not. Even if you have a good script, but you don’t strike the right tone to get the message across, you will lose audience. A tip: do not chain the ideas right away, take a break to show that you are going to move on to another idea. This way, your audience can easily follow you.

Illustrate with images and slides

Images and slides are important to illustrate what you are presenting. By incorporating illustrations into your content, you will help your audience understand you better.

Use the right editing software

The editing software…there are several, but not all are created equal. However, if you want to make your videos successful like a pro, you will have to choose the editing software that you are going to use. Adobe offers you, for example, a whole range of tools that allow you to personalize your videos. It also offers you a adobe video converterwhich may be useful for your final rendering.

Make good use of music in video

Here too, the same rule applies. You should use it sparingly, that is, do not abuse it. For example, it would be interesting to integrate music at the beginning and at the end of the video. Know that music is a good way to hold the viewer’s attention, but also to encourage them to engage if you use the right one. However, it must not dominate so that it is your message that will be put forward and not the music itself. So choose the right times when you are going to integrate it.

play on light

If you use your Smartphone, play well with the light so that your video is of high quality. Even if natural light is the best, be careful not to abuse it because it can dazzle. You should also avoid places that are too dark and too noisy, otherwise your voice will not be heard.

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