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How to plant cannabis? The guide to being a master among your customers

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How to plant cannabis? The guide to being a master among your customers

This guide will allow you to summarize some basic concepts of cannabis cultivation in order to respond to possible questions from new customers. It will allow you to explain them in a way that is clear to guide towards the most effective solutions in each case. The steps are simple:

In this way they will understand the whole life process of a cannabis plant and know exactly which tools to buy to face any planting with guarantees of success.

Germination, how to grow a cannabis seed?

One of the first things to explain to any groweris that for a cannabis seed develops a strong and healthy plant, it is essential that its development is good from the first moment of life. To achieve the desired results, it is necessary that:

  1. The seeds are found at room temperature (between 20 and 25°C) to favor the appearance of the germ.
  2. The seeds are stored in dark environments until cotyledons appear.
  3. And finally, that they are in an environmenthigh humidity (between 70 and 100%).

Sprouting in Jiffy

Requirements may vary depending on the germination method used (cotton, damp paper towel or glass of water…), which is why your customers will like to be guided to the best method.

In terms of efficiency, the best will certainly be the germination in jiffy pellets. These discs are used as follows:

  1. Discs are first soakedthen wrung out
  2. The seed is inserted in the little hole created for her
  3. The seeds must be slightly covered
  4. Finally, they must be preserved in a warm, ventilated and humid place

To store them optimally, there are small greenhouses with ventilation holes, also called propagators for seeds and cuttingswhich will allow you to obtain in about a week a seedling ready for transplanting into a culture pot, where it will have enough space to develop roots for a month.

In our catalog, you will find everything you need to germinate seeds in jiffys, a product that will undoubtedly increase your customers’ chances of success.

Fertilizing During The First Days Of Growing Cannabis Indoors Or Outdoors

During fertilization, the evolution of the plant during the first weeks must be taken into account:

  • The plant will grow enormously with the nutrients present in the substrate. If it is rich soil, it might even be self-sufficient until the fifth or sixth week.
  • At this time, the seedling will focus on developing its root system, which is why you can start to use a root stimulator in watering to prepare the plant for nutrient uptake.

From the third week :

  • The seedling develops its first leaves, so it is advised to start adding conventional fertilizers or some fertilizer of growth gradually until the arrival of flowering.
  • L’earthworm humus would be the ideal fertilizer for this initial phase, as well as any fertilizer rich in nitrogen to ensure vigorous development during the weeks of vegetation.

Transplantation, necessary for growing cannabis indoors or outdoors?

The next step will be to transplant the plants into a bigger jar so that they continue to grow. Keep in mind that:

  • With the right container, roots grow at a constant rhythm and reach a high density as well as uniform branching.
  • The better temperature during growth is 20-25°C during the day, and no more than 10°C lower during the night, with a relative humidity of 45-55%.

By transplanting into a suitable container, the plant will grow strongly within a few days the internodes will elongate and she will open up to receive more light at the flower and leaf level.

Differentiating the Sex of Indoor or Outdoor Cannabis Plants

When the nocturnal photoperiod is prolongedi.e. when the nights last longer (or when in a culture indoor the photoperiod changes to 12/12), the plant notices this and begins to bloom to mark their sexuality.

This is when the plant will begin to form what are called floral primordia under the axils of the branches. The plant usually reaches its sexual maturity after six to eight weeks from the date of germination.

At this point, we can sex the plants in search of structures to differentiate them:

  • If a small bag (from which no pistil comes out) and five sepals stand out strongly, then it is a preflower male.
  • If, on the contrary, you see a small bag from which two white pistils emerge (with small hairs), you are facing a female.

The best thing to do to make sure would obviously be to use the articles below.

Feeding during flowering, essential to know how to plant cannabis correctly

From this moment the flowers will begin to form all over the plant, which is why it will be time touse a bloom stimulator to increase production. It should be used with a flowering fertilizer, which is richer in phosphorus and potassium.

Phosphorus will be responsible for the development of good flowers, and potassium will make them heavier. Really good bud is never achieved without a little extra nutrient.

When the flowers have finished forming and our plant is full of long buds, it will be time to stop using the stimulator, but you will need to save fertilizer for flowering.

Root flushing for the maturation of cannabis cultivation indoors and outdoors

For this, the fundamental thing is to know when to stop the fertilization and when to start the root flush. You will know this moment has arrived when:

  • There will remain 15 days of flowering according to the indications of the pack seeds (it is best to add two weeks to the duration indicated on the pack, because seed banks do not take into account any downtime your plants have spent recovering from the stress caused by a transplant, a parasite or other factors).
  • The plant will hardly develop new calyxes anymore and those that were already there will have browned.

It is good to do this cleaning during the final phase of flowering to make sure the heads are of the best quality and the best flavor possible is obtained. The plant can perfectly survive these two weeks with only water during its end of maturation.

Harvesting cannabis, when is the ideal time?

Cannabis plants will pass the last days of their life cycle transfer stored energy towards buds filled with trichomes, the small hair-like structures (or small mushrooms) found in female cannabis flowers.

The trichomes and the upper part of the resin-filled glands are the key to identify maturity and determine the optimal time to cut.

The problems of cutting the cannabis plantation indoors or outdoors

Not cutting cannabis in time will do clearly lower the quality of the product :

  • If the plants are cut too earlyunderdeveloped resin glands will contain fewer essential oils, responsible for the flavors, aroma and potency of the herb.
  • If you cut too latethe THC will be degraded and transformed into CBN, which will produce a more soporific cannabis.

The perfect time to cut the cannabis crop indoors or outdoors

As harvest approaches, the gland heads will change from a light to milky color, then turn orange as they pass maturity.

Most people tend to harvest when 70-80% of trichomes appear milky and that the others are orange, because that gives the perfect mix of the two types of effects.

Once you have determined the best time to harvest, all you have to do is cut the plants and dry them to prepare them for curing. This process is necessary for cannabis softens its roughnessincreases its psychoactive power and intensifies its aromas.

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