I finally understood the difference between happiness and pleasure - BLOG

I finally understood the difference between happiness and pleasure – BLOG

I finally understood the difference between happiness and pleasure – BLOG

HAPPINESS – The question has been bothering me for a while… What is the difference between pleasure and happiness? Beyond the generalities kindly offered by Google (“pleasure is fleeting and happiness is lasting”), there must be an explanation.

At the dawn of my fifty-third birthday, it seemed essential to me to reflect on the question. In order to happiness For the past few months, I have the impression that I have often been mistaken on the subject. My research will allow me to put my learning into practice…and maybe one day be happy.

Lesson #1. Pleasure and happiness: it’s much more than a question of duration!

To the difference in duration between pleasure and happiness, we must also add the dimension of perspective. I sometimes experience small pleasures and rejoice in them, without taking a step back, or appreciating the picture in its entirety, or even considering the happiness to which they contribute.

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Taking Italian lessons with a handsome, tanned local is a pleasure… Going to Rome and fooling the locals into believing you are “from there” is a joy.

Seeing your child come home from school with a good report is a pleasure. Congratulating him, now that he’s a young adult, for landing his dream job is bliss.

Growing carrots in your own vegetable garden is fun. To be congratulated by her guests for her “delicious vegetable gratin from the garden” is a joy.

Going on a picnic with someone you really like is a pleasure. Receiving a message like “I care about you” is a joy.

Small pleasures cultivate small and great happiness…

Lesson n°2: There are small deleterious pleasures

Of all the treats, my favorite are the Tagada strawberries. They have the taste of childhood and the flavor of carelessness. However, the pleasure of eating a few does not respond to any particular happiness… And if the XXL offer was too tempting while shopping, than the desire to no longer leave a single strawberry in the package while looking Netflix is ​​even more so, long live the indigestion, the cavities and the feeling of guilt that the scales take care of reminding me over the days and weeks that follow…

The little pleasures that are consumed just like that, out of desire, out of gluttony, are not bad things. Sometimes they simply fill a void. But, as small and innocent as they are, they can multiply through the craving for a dopamine injection and insidiously interfere in a life and end up being a drag on happiness.

Let me explain (again).

Can’t the glass of alcohol that erases the pains and sorrows of the day become the one that breaks a life? Doesn’t the search for “likes” and “followers” ​​lead us to forget that those who really love us are only a phone call away, at any time of the day or night? Can’t the blondness and the caresses of a prostitute make the moments of intimacy spent with the loved one bitter? Don’t compliments from the social elite risk transforming the little words of friends into insignificant details? Can’t a meeting without a future make invisible a little thought from a true friend, sent for no particular reason, and unannounced?

I finally understood that small pleasures can contribute to happiness. But I also know that we must choose them with discernment and that some of them, even if they are very pleasant, divert us from a happiness which, perhaps, awaits us around the corner. They make us forget that other things, however futile they may seem at the time, are infinitely powerful when put together…

“Growing carrots in your own vegetable garden is a pleasure. To be congratulated by your guests for your “delicious garden vegetable gratin” is a joy.”

The little pleasures are Tagada strawberries that we eat out of desire and for which we rejoice. These are delicacies to be consumed sparingly, so as not to distort our perception of reality. Happiness, on the other hand, true happiness, is knowing that the packet of Tagada strawberries will never run out.

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