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is it legal? how to do ?

is it legal? how to do ?

You are one of those who advocate organic and you have a desire: to plant cannabis at home to make your own CBD products. But is it legal? And how to ? We explain everything to you in this article.

Planting cannabis at home: is it legal?

a hand holding a cbd plant

Planting your own CBD is a great idea. But what does the law say? Is it legal to grow cannabis on your patio or in your garden? We often talk about prohibitions on the possession, production and use of cannabis. So ? Is it not possible to have one at home? Well, these prohibitions do not apply in some cases.

Indeed, you can legally plant cannabis at home if the variety you have chosen is in the list of approved varieties by INRA. But why only these? Because they contain very little THC (less than 0.2%), which makes them non-psychotropic. Since they do not affect the nervous system, they are completely legal.

But be careful, if the administrative procedures discourage you, perhaps you should move on to another project. First of all, you must make a sworn statement that mentions the exact location of your future therapeutic cannabis plants. This document will be available to the Ministry of the Interior. If you do not want a horde of gendarmes to arrive at your home after calls from your neighbors, it is better to warn the nearest gendarmerie. Do not throw away the seed packets (where all the information about the plant is), you may need to show them to law enforcement to testify legality.

What do you need to know before planting cannabis?

Where to plant CBD? Which variety to choose, so many questions to ask yourself before embarking on such a project.

Where to plant cannabis?

Now that you’ve made up your mind, one question remains: where to grow your hemp plants? Our advice? Put them outside. This option offers several advantages: the sun (much cheaper than lamps), rain, ventilation, etc.

But you can’t put your hemp plants just anywhere. Choose a place where the temperatures are stable (always above 12°C and never above 30°C) and which is not too exposed to harsh climatic conditions. The location must also benefit from 6 to 8 hours of direct sunshine per day (therefore facing south).

Planting cannabis: which variety to choose?

To maximize your chances of seeing your plants flourish, choose the variety wisely. For this, the growing environment plays a crucial role. If, for example, you are in the North where the growing season is short, autoflowering strains are the ones for you. Are you more in the South? Sativas (which flower more slowly) and hybrids are for you.

Are you one of those who fear the gaze of neighbors? Opt for a smaller variety. Avoid the sativa which is quite imposing.

Planting cannabis is done in several steps.


germinating cannabis seed

You are ready to plant cannabis with your seeds in your hands. But be careful, do not put them in the ground right away, they must germinate first. But why is this step so important? Because it ensures that the first root is strong enough and points down. This step is ideally done in April if you have chosen an autoflowering variety.

During this period, the plant needs moisture, dampness and penumbra. Earth is the best place since it meets all these conditions. But be careful, you need quality soil that includes all the necessary nutrients, fungi and bacteria.

So how do you germinate your plants? Make a small hole in the top of the soil and place the seed there. Then cover with soil with delicate gestures. Pour a little water and leave. On day two to day seven, you should see the first taproot emerge from the ground. Depending on the conditions, this stage can last up to two weeks.

Attention ! There are some things not to do during the germination stage:

– Never use hot tap water. Prefer spring water;

– Never put the seeds in water;

– Do not drown the seeds by adding too much water.


Once the germination stage is over, you have to wait for the first leaves to appear. This should happen about a week after the first phase. The acquired nutrients will help the appearance of no more than six leaves. Then the plant will feed on what it finds in the soil. So remember to enrich the soil with compost until the big leaves appear.

The growth

It is important that the structure of the plant is strong before flowering. If you have chosen to plant cannabis outdoors, this reinforcement happens naturally. But for best results, add organic plant nutrients to further strengthen them. This is equivalent to the food supplements we take to strengthen our organism etc.

If you have chosen an autoflowering plant, the transition to flowering is smooth. It should take between three and six weeks, before you see the first buds.


This step is undoubtedly the most satisfying of this adventure: seeing the first flowers appear. It is she who will define whether the harvest will be good or not. So do not hesitate to continue the nutrients for larger flowers. But planting cannabis takes patience and this step is the longest. Allow six to twelve weeks to pass before harvesting.


If you’re new to growing cannabis, you’re probably wondering how to know when it’s time to harvest. To find out, use a magnifying glass to take a closer look at the plant. You will see the resin glands or trichomes of the plant. A sticky substance with herbaceous and sweet scents emerges from these glands: the characteristic smell of cannabis.

The longer you let the plant flower, the more the transparent color of the glands turns to amber. You can harvest when the glands take on a milky white color.

Planting cannabis also means waiting impatiently for the result. But how do you reap the rewards of your hard work? Start by removing the imposing “arms” around the plant. Then remove the branches that support the flowers. Harvest the flowers on which the resin is the most sticky first. But that doesn’t mean you have to throw away the rest. You can use the leaves to make CBD oil.


You should know that freshly harvested cannabis contains a lot of moisture. If you rush the drying stage, the effects will be felt during use. So let your precious harvest dry out for one to two weeks before tasting. Attention, do not leave in the sun. Opt for dark places such as the attic or a garden shed.

The conditioning

You had a great harvest that you won’t finish all at once. Question conditioning, it is not very difficult. Just put your cannabis in an airtight container. That way you can keep it there for about a week. Beyond that, opt for a vacuum container. Why ? So that your harvest remains odorless, even when stored for a long time.

What can you do with your cannabis?

bottle of cbd oil lying in the grass

Since the strain you have chosen has a THC content of less than 0.2%, you can consume it legally. Be careful, the law forbids you to smoke cannabis flowers. Here is a recipe for homemade CBD oil that you can make with the flowers you have planted.

For this you need 28g hemp flowers, 450g carrier oil (any vegetable oil), parchment paper, a knife or grinder if you have it, and a glass jar with lid.

Start by refining your hemp flowers with your grinder or a knife. Be careful, it should not be powdered, small pieces are enough. Put the parchment paper on a plate and place the hemp flowers on it. Put the plate in a preheated oven at 110°C for one hour. CBDA will turn into CBD through decarboxylation. In addition, the flowers retain their terpenes as the heat is low. Remove from the oven when the leaves become crisp and take on a brown color.

Then put the leaves and the oil in a bain-marie and simmer. Be careful that the mixture does not boil: the terpenes evaporate at 150°C. After two or three hours on low heat, the mixture takes on a green-brown color. Then pour the CBD oil into the container and seal tightly.

You will have understood it, even if the French regulations on the subject remain vague, you can plant cannabis at home. It is legal provided you comply with the regulations in force. If you want to make your own CBD, don’t wait any longer, go for it! Discover here the situation of CBD in France.

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