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Order Cannabis Seeds | Anonymous & discreet

Order Cannabis Seeds | Anonymous & discreet is a price comparison portal for cannabis seeds. Here you will find classic but also exotic seeds, suitable for growing outdoors or in closed rooms. On our site, find feminized or classic hemp seeds, but also modern autoflowering varieties. Compare the prices of the most famous Dutch seed banks and find the best offer. Buying cannabis seeds online is done anonymously and discreetly!

I would like to buy hemp seeds, but what is the right price?

The suppliers being numerous and the diversity of cannabis varieties too immense to be fully known, we will try here to give you an overview of market prices. This will especially allow inexperienced growers to better estimate prices. We have also incorporated these prices into our site and established a minimum, maximum and average price for all suppliers, depending on the size of the package. These are available in the table below:

Package size 2 seeds 5 seeds 7 seeds 10 seeds
Minimum price 8.50€ 13,00€ 39,00€ 23,00€
Average price 13,25€ 37,50€ 54,00€ 106,50€
Maximum price 18,00€ 62,00€ 69,00€ 190,00€

The statistics should of course be viewed with caution, because when buying hemp seeds, one should not only take the quantity into account, but also other criteria:

  • Seed varieties
    Different varieties for different effects. This sentence alone sums it all up. A comparison of the number of seeds alone is unfortunately not possible. Cannabis plants differ greatly from each other, both in effect and taste, which makes some strains more popular than others. This obviously affects the purchase price of cannabis seeds.
  • Producer / Seed Bank
    Besides the variety, the choice of seed bank can affect the price. Many growers have their own varieties with unique properties, from which they get seeds. Hemp seeds can therefore be of different quality, which is not immediately clear to the buyer. This aspect influences the price, even when the seeds look identical when purchased.

Our overview will, however, give you an idea of ​​the budget to consider when opting for a precise quantity of cannabis seeds. In principle, we recommend the most well-known seed banks such as Sensi Seeds, Weed Seed Shop or High Supplies. These seed banks have been delivering high-quality seeds for many years, which has allowed them to establish themselves on the market in the long term. Worth spending a few extra bucks to get quality products

Ordering cannabis seeds from abroad: explanation of the ordering process

The purchase of cannabis seeds being complicated in France, many growers order their seeds in countries such as the Netherlands. The customs are not really interested in the seeds themselves and the packets, discreetly packaged, are only rarely checked within the European Union. It is therefore possible for French growers to easily obtain the desired hemp seeds.

We specify here that the law stipulates that it is only authorized to buy hemp seeds with the intention of collecting them, and not to cultivate them. Thus, ordering products from abroad falls into a kind of gray area, but the cultivation and consumption of cannabis in France is, of course, not allowed.

Online ordering being, for many, a source of uncertainty, we would like here to explain in detail the important points of the order process.

  • What payment methods can be used?
    Most seed shops offer different payment methods, the most commonly used being:
    • Debit card
      Many buyers are afraid of paying by debit/credit card, especially because of the wording of the transaction on their account statement. However, most seed banks ensure that no obvious mentions appear.
    • Payment
      As with payment by credit card, direct bank transfer can be made without obvious designation.
    • Cash payment
      For particularly wary shoppers, most shops also offer cash payment. Many of them only accept bills and not coins. The excess payment is usually offset by a voucher on the customer account. However, paying in cash results in longer order processing as the seeds will not be shipped until the cash is received!

  • How are the ordered hemp seeds packaged?
    Above all, we want to reassure potential buyers. The seeds are packed in such a way that it is impossible to tell from the outside what is inside. Often the seeds are packaged in an anonymous, strong envelope or in a paper wrapper. The seeds themselves are additionally packaged in a plastic bag or in a paper envelope which protects them from damage.
  • How is the delivery going?
    The delivery of any seed order is made by normal post. After ordering the seeds in the shop and paying, the seed bank sends the products in a letter or in a parcel. The packaging does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about the contents, so that the privacy of the buyer remains intact. Depending on the country to which the goods are sent, delivery can take a few days (within the EU) up to several weeks (outside the EU). The seeds tolerate this delay without a problem.
  • Do cannabis seeds withstand transport well?
    To answer in one word: yes. The shops have extensive experience in shipping seeds and pack the goods with great care. Thus, during each order, the seeds are:
    • Gathered just before dispatch
    • Checked for perfect quality

All the shops listed here stand out for their positive ratings and years of experience in growing seeds. The varieties have good genetic factors and the crosses already mentioned have the best properties of each parent variety. Many seedbanks regularly release new creations and receive prizes for their products.

Our site offers an extensive price comparison. It also offers the possibility of comparing the different varieties. This is the only website that offers this service and offers you a real opportunity to save money! Simply click on the hemp seeds offered and make your selection. The shipping and sale of cannabis seeds themselves is done in a simple way via seed banks in the Netherlands: fast, discreet and reliable!

Hemp seeds, cannabis seeds or marijuana seeds?

Cannabis seeds or marijuana seeds

A question frequently asked by beginners concerns the correct designation when talking about these seeds or wanting to order them. Are hemp, cannabis and marijuana seeds the same? Or does the term marijuana seeds refer to something other than cannabis seeds

Here we will clarify these few points

  • Hemp seeds
    We usually talk about hemp seeds when we want to refer to the seeds of the hemp plant. This term is however little used, except in Switzerland.
  • Cannabis seeds
    In the English language in particular, we often speak of cannabis seeds (or cannabis seeds). This is an international designation that will allow you to find what you are looking for just about anywhere.
  • marijuana seeds
    The term marijuana seeds is not really correct. This one, originating in the United States, mainly refers to the crushed and resinous flowers and leaves and thus includes the “smokable” parts of the plant. The combination of the two words “seed” and “marijuana” is therefore inappropriate, but has gradually developed into everyday language.

We can therefore meet these three terms in France and on the internet. They are to be considered as synonyms, although the expression “cannabis seeds” is to be preferred for an international designation.

Overview of the different kinds of cannabis seeds

For growing hemp, seed shops in the Netherlands usually offer three kinds of cannabis seeds. On the one hand, the classic seeds (male hemp seeds), mainly intended for the cultivation of plants because they do not generate a harvest in themselves and they fertilize the female seeds during flowering. Since hemp plants no longer generate a “smokable” crop after fertilization, male plants should be removed as soon as the genus can be recognized. Depending on the goal to be achieved, many growers opt for feminized cannabis seeds, as these seeds only generate female plants. Feminized hemp seeds are certainly more expensive, but they guarantee a good harvest. Autoflowering hemp seeds, on the other hand, offer the easiest home-growing alternative. These seeds are also available in seed shops. They flower after a fixed time interval, independent of light and temperature fluctuations. This method keeps maintenance efforts to a minimum, making it attractive for beginners or for guerrilla growing. Besides the basic characteristics, there are many other criteria to consider when looking for a strain. For beginners in particular, it can seem difficult to sort it out, which is why we recommend that you inform yourself well before the purchase and define your needs and expectations precisely.

Overview of seed types:

Classics feminized Autoflowering
Male cannabis seeds serve only for pollination and do not bring crops. Seeds generate female plants that guarantee a harvest. Hemp plants that automatically reach the flowering stage and are therefore easy to care for.

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