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Review La Ferme du CBD, promo code -15%

Review La Ferme du CBD, promo code -15%

CBD Farm

Our opinion

Product quality (origin, processes, certification) 89%

Choice of products (offers, new products, prices) 87%

Interface and navigations (ergonomics, language) 81%

Customer service (responsiveness, language) 90%

Means of payment (payment options, security) 85%

Delivery (time, place of stock, free) 90%


  • Number 1 in France
  • Complete range of CBD products
  • Responsive and efficient customer service


  • Certificates of analysis not available online
the CBD farm

La Ferme du CBD, number one in sales in France

La Ferme du CBD has quickly become a major and essential player in the sale of Cannabidiol in France, to the point of establishing itself far ahead at the top of sales in France. La Ferme du CBD offers a wide variety of CBD flowers as well as CBD oils and other CBD products.

The success of La Ferme du CBD is based on simple elements: a wide choice and variety of products, affordable prices, impeccable customer service and deliveries.

On the strength of its success, La Ferme du CBD is exported to Europe, the site is now in several languages, and we see the brand associated with more and more marketing and advertising collaborations, until 8 p.m. on TF1 !

Let’s take a trip to the countryside to discover La Ferme du CBD, No. 1 in France

the CBD farm

A complete CBD range, for an optimal experience

The CBD Farm site is quite simple in its design. Dynamic and functional, it allows you to immerse yourself very quickly in the world of hemp and CBD products. The menu at the top of the page sets the tone, and reveals all the ranges of CBD products on the site, very complete, you can find everything at the Farm: CBD flowers, CBD resins, CBD wax and crumble, CBD oils, capsules CBD, CBD capsules, CBD Pen, CBD e-liquids, CBD sweets, CBD cosmetics, and finally vaporizers, to enjoy flowers healthily!! The mass is said, difficult to do more complete, there is something for all ages, including essential accessories, and much more.

Several qualities of CBD flowers and CBD oils

CBD flowers are classified according to their culture: Indoor, Outdoor or Greenhouse (underground), the CBD levels are high, the choice is vast, the names of the varieties are already dizzying, the prices very correct, no wonder the success is at the rendezvous.

THC levels are below 0.2%, in compliance with European laws. The best known varieties are available, such as the Super Lemon Hazethe Amnesia or even the OrangeBud.

These flowers are delivered discreetly from stock in France, reducing the risk of border controls. Your envelope does not cross borders, and is hermetically sealed, no risk, hundreds of parcels leave every day and delight more than one, why not you?

La Ferme du CBD CBD oils are either Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum (with and without THC respectively) and all comply with the rules in force in the European Union with a THC level of less than 0.20%. CBD oils from La Ferme du CBD tested, with CBD concentrations ranging from 5 to 40%. La Ferme du CBD CBD oils are of controlled organic origin, and this is quite rare for CBD oils. Another positive point.

CBD oil the CBD farm

Effective multi-channel customer service

The customer service of La Ferme du CBD is very responsive and very efficient. Available every day of the week except weekends, from the contact form, social networks, by phone or through online messaging on the site at the bottom right of the screen. Answers in an instant, if you need advice, do not hesitate to drop a short message and you should have an answer shortly.

La Ferme du CBD is also a whole set of information related to cannabidiol and medical cannabis in general in an information blog as complete as the shop… Whether it’s on the use of CBD products on sale or on growing hemp and other topics related directly or indirectly to cannabis, there is probably a dedicated article on the subject in the CBD information blog.

Clear and concise product pages

The photos of CBD flowers are already mouth-watering, and we find all the information you need to get an idea of ​​the flavors and effects of each variety in advance… Sativa-dominant flowers promote relaxation , fruity terpenes give citrus flavors, CBD levels, type of culture, ideal mode of consumption, it’s all there. All you have to do now is the most difficult part, making an informed choice according to your expectations!

Finally, prevention is better than cure, precautions for use and storage are given to preserve CBD products in an optimal way, even if in general, La Ferme du CBD products are difficult to keep over time for amateurs!

cbd farm

Very positive reviews

Visible to everyone on a dedicated page, the opinions of La Ferme du CBD are not guaranteed, but the volume of comments (more than 3500) and feedback on the CBD shop gives a good idea of ​​customer satisfaction: 4.8/5 is definitely a very good average rating on such a large volume. In general, the opinions are excellent, proof that the CBD oils, CBD flowers and other products available on La Ferme du CBD are of very good quality and that they delight more than one.

Delivery and payment methods

At La Ferme du CBD, orders placed before 1 p.m. are dispatched the same day. Transactions are discreet and no mention of CBD appears on bank statements.

Payments are made by card or bank transfer. La Ferme du CBD is a secure site and each transaction goes through 3DSecure.

La Ferme du CBD uses the services of Colissimo and Chronopost to ensure deliveries in France and Europe. The delivery costs are 4.95 Eur and free from 65€ of purchases for Colissimo services. The delivery costs are 12€ and free from 150€ of purchases with the services of Chronopost

La Ferme du CBD promo code and La Ferme products on

CBD oils The CBD Farm on Quelcbdchoisir

La Ferme du CBD Full Spectrum and organic CBD oils tested on Quelcbdchoisir

CBD Flowers CBD Farm – the best varieties

OG Kush; OrangeBud; Amnesia; Mango Haze; Strawberry; Bubblegum; Lemon Haze;

CBD Farm Promo Code

Get 15% off your order at La Ferme du CBD thanks to Quelcdchoisir. La Ferme du CBD promo code valid on all CBD products in the shop. Just enter the code QUELCBDCHOOISIR when paying to enjoy it immediately


– 15% on all CBD products on the site with this promo code:


What opinions for La Ferme du CBD?

La Ferme du CBD is No. 1 in France, reviews of La Ferme du CBD are very positive, 4.8/5. Not guaranteed by an independent organization but the volume of opinions, more than 3500, and the overall rating show that the CBD oils, CBD flowers and other products available on La Ferme du CBD are of very good quality.

What are the CBD Farm delivery times?

Deliveries are fast and discreet. Orders placed before 1 p.m. are dispatched the same day by Colissimo (delivery in 48 hours) or Chronopost (delivery in 24 hours). La Ferme du CBD offers delivery from 65 euros of purchases for Colissimo and 150 euros for Chronopost.

What are the payment methods on the CBD Farm website?

Payments are made by credit card or bank transfer. Card payments are secured via 3D secure and your personal information is not stored on the La Ferme du CBD website. Transactions are discreet and no mention of CBD appears on bank statements.

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