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Top 10 Trippy Cannabis Strains

Top 10 Trippy Cannabis Strains


Smoking cannabis for relaxation is great, but some strains are known to produce more psychedelic and narcotic effects. Here are the top 10 strains that fall into this category!

Lots of cannabis enthusiasts smoke weed because they want to enjoy one relaxing. After all, what’s better than a couch relaxer to relieve tension? But not all types of cannabis will send you straight to the saddle, completely knocked out. Some varieties have psychedelic and narcotic effects.


Here is our list of cannabis strains that produce psychedelic effects, in no particular order. But keep in mind that the effects may vary from person to person and may depend on your experience and tolerance. That’s why it’s best to try each strain for yourself. You can get all of these cannabis seeds at the Zamnesia Seedshop!


Barney’s Farm LSD is an ultra strong indica hybrid containing up to 24% THC. This cross between Skunk #1 and Mazar offers the typical body expected of an indica heavyweight, but with a surprising special twist: while pleasantly heavy on the body, she will send your mind on a triple trip into the depths of your consciousness . Depending on the amounts smoked, this variety is almost like a small acid trip. This 3rd ranked in the High Times Cannabis Cup 2008 is not difficult to grow and after 60-70 days of flowering will impress with a magnificent array of bright buds.



Cosmic Bomb Auto — Bomb Seeds

all autoflowering varieties they are not equal and few are as cosmic as this young woman! Created from a cross between an LSD selection and Bomb Seeds’ own Auto Bomb, this indica/sativa hybrid (with a touch of ruderalis) is unusually potent for an autoflowering strain. Smoke Cosmic Bomb Auto and you’ll quickly get to work with a huge mental boost that will flood you with energy, motivation and excitement. creativity thanks to its psychedelic progenitor LSD. With its active and rather trippy effect, it’s not really the weed to smoke before going to bed. However, if you’re looking for a good weed to share during the day with friends, you won’t find a better autoflowering strain!

See Cosmic Bomb Auto


Amnesia Haze: Zamnesia seeds

Amnesia Haze from Zamnesia Seeds is selling like hotcakes in dispensaries, coffee shops and every other place you can get good cannabis. One of the reasons for the success of this award-winning sativa is its very strong psychedelic high that, in the most glorious of sativa hits, sends a dose of energy and euphoria through the body and mind. In fact, this lady might even deserve a notice for the smokers with less experience, because smoking a little too much can send you beyond the stratosphere. Very potent, very psychedelic, guaranteed mood enhancer. Not the easiest strain to grow, but 100% worth it!

See Amnesia Haze

4. Amnesia Mac Ganja (AMG) – Royal Queen Seeds

Amnesia Mac Ganja (Amg) - Royal Queen Seeds

The expert breeders at Royal Queen Seeds have carefully created this strain to push the limits of the mind. This sativa-dominant hybrid descends from the parent strains Amnesia and Mexican Haze. It has an impressive THC content of 22%. Book AMG when you feel like deep philosophical conversations with friends. Its uplifting effect helps start the conversation, and its borderline psychedelic effect is the perfect accompaniment to hikes in the woods and stargazing. Grow it indoors for a rewarding yield of up to 500g/m² or outdoors for a yield of 600g/plant.

See Amnesia mac ganja (amg)


Ghost Train Haze 1 - Rare Dankness

Get ready to board the train to Défonceville, altitude: higher than ever! Rare Dankness’ Ghost Train Haze 1 is your ticket, packed with 25% THC content. RD’s cross between the potent Ghost OG and another equally potent strain, Nevil’s Wreck, resulted in a Haze that has already won numerous awards, including a mention on High’s “Most Potent Strains on Earth” list Times. It’s no surprise, it’s also one of DR’s best sellers.

Ghost Train Haze 1 produces a fantastic sativa effect that will make you vibrate with euphoria and creativity. Although it’s very noisy and can be downright treble at times, you’ll still enjoy some clarity. It’s a great strain for all kinds of creative adventures, perfect for artists and musicians, or just wanting a good high to look at things from a different angle.

See Ghost Train Haze 1


Mk-Ultra — TH Seeds

TH Seeds’ MK-Ultra is a cross between a G13 female and an OG Kush male. In theory, it may look like a typical indica-dominant hybrid, but its effect is far from average. Instead of inducing a stoned narcotic like many other indicas, its effect is very hypnotic and comes with a fantastic stimulating kick, like the top of a cup of coffee. This makes it a good weed to smoke during the day if you want an energy boost. Perfect for festivals, evenings and camping trips! Bonus for growers: It has a very short flowering time of 56-63 days!

See MK-Ultra


Durban Poison — Dutch Passion

Durban poison from Dutch Passion is a rare 100% pure sativa strain from South Africa. It has (at least) two things going for it: a unique anise/black licorice flavor and a stimulating boost. It’s the right herb if you’re feeling down, as its happy high will put a smile on your face as you fall into ecstasy. What is surprising is not so much its positive mood-enhancing effect, but the fact that it does so with a surprisingly low THC content of only 8-9%. But for the smoker, this can be a very good thing: it won’t blow your head off in one puff. This way, you can still enjoy a full joint and maintain control. Also, it flowers in 8-9 weeks, which is pretty reasonable for a sativa.

See Durban Poison


Malawi - ACE Seeds

Malawi by ACE Seeds is another 100% pure sativa from Africa. This lady brings simply devastating power, so it’s more for seasoned smokers with a high tolerance. You don’t need to smoke a lot to enjoy a surprisingly intense sativa effect that will last for hours. Very cerebral and psychedelic, perhaps it should be reserved for daytime consumption, or for social activities in the afternoon. Not unusual for a pure sativa, you’ll need to be patient to grow it – it takes 11-14 weeks to flower and produce mature buds. Of course, the wait is worth it!

See Malawi


Belladonna - Paradise Seeds

Belladonna by Paradise Seeds brings the best of indica and sativa in a stunning strain. It grows vigorously and offers the yields of an indica, but offers the head lift of a sativa. Smoke it and you’ll enjoy a sometimes very trippy boost of energy. It’s a good strain to choose if you still want to go about your business or if you’re ready to let loose, perfect before hitting the clubs, great for parties and other entertainment opportunities. An excellent choice for those who like sativa effects with the ease of indica cultivation.

See Belladonna


Lemon Power Haze - Zamnesia seeds

Lemon Power Haze by Zamnesia Seeds is an indica-dominant hybrid that shines with a high and tastes just as good. It induces a powerful cerebral sensation that, depending on the amounts consumed, can be very triple. With that uplifting effect, it’s just the right strain if you’re feeling down. It will improve your mood in no time by making you sleepy. Due to its energizing and mentally stimulating effect, it is ideal for all types of creatives and physics. After a few hours, your stimulating sativa subconscious will turn into a deeply relaxing body effect.

See Lemon Power Haze

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