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Verification of the buyer’s identity upon delivery of cannabis: a new challenge for Canada Post mail carriers – RCI

Verification of the buyer’s identity upon delivery of cannabis: a new challenge for Canada Post mail carriers – RCI

Canada Post letter carriers must also deliver online cannabis orders, as the delivery contract across the country falls to the Crown Corporation
Photo Credit: PC/Andrew Vaughan

The coming into force of the legalization of cannabis for recreational purposes in Canada poses new challenges for Canada Post letter carriers. They will have other roles to play, particularly with respect to verifying consumer identities.

RCI avec Tam-Tam Canada, Poste Canada et Radio-Canada

Protect young people

According to Law C-45 on the legalization of cannabis, like consumption, online purchase is reserved only for adults 18 years of age and older. Each buyer has the obligation to mention his name, his age and his delivery address for any order on the Internet.

This information is used to ensure that young people under the age of 18 remain safe from a substance which would be highly damaging to their brain, according to the results of several studies on the issue.

Upon delivery, proof of age, proof of age verification process and signature are required. If the recipient appears to be under the age of 25, they may be asked to present government-issued photo ID. The minimum age required to purchase cannabis is set by each province.

Parcel delivery is up sharply and above all very profitable for Canada Post. Photo: Radio-Canada. Credit: PC/Sean Kilpatrick

Do you need additional training for Canada Post deliverers?

The state corporation currently has a monopoly on the distribution of online orders.

The company offers delivery at home or the buyer can opt for the FlexiDelivery serviceCM at any post office.

This is a great first for postmen who live the experience of delivering cannabis parcels with great apprehension.

The additional task incumbent on them at the time of delivery is to ensure that the person who ordered the product is actually present at his home, that he has an identity document bearing his name, which must be the same as the name on the order contained in an envelope, and that it is aged 18 and over.

The legislator placed his trust in the good faith of the delivery people to protect the minors who do not have the right to obtain marijuana everywhere in the country.

The question still arises as to whether the letter carriers of the Crown corporation are really the people best placed to carry out the task. Otherwise, they would probably need additional training.

On the third day of the entry into force of Bill C-45 on the legalization of the substance, for the province of Quebec alone, these are some 30,000 trades that were made online.

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