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Weed a clip of the City scandalizes the municipal opposition

Unexpected controversy at the council Municipality of Besançon Thursday evening. Did the municipality validate a bad joke and indirectly promote cannabis?

This is what the elected representatives of the opposition think who are rebelling after the publication of the web series “Besançon acts for its inhabitants”, in particular its first episode which tells the story of Elisabeth, retired, and Rayan , student. Rayan is not Elisabeth’s grandson, but he enjoys exemption from rental charges against time spent in the company of the retiree, in her independent residence.

Misplaced derision?

In the video visible on the City’s website , we see Elisabeth dancing in her apartment, headphones on, singing the evocative refrain of a title entitled “Smoke the weed”. An evocation to cannabis.

Not really aware of the intricacies of Shakespeare’s language, Ludovic Fagaut, elected LR, pronounces “Smoke the wood”. A detail with regard to his wrath: “Talking about intergenerational relations, about the help that we can bring to our elders is a real subject, which interests us all. But how can the City, as an institution, endorse a clip that makes fun with references to cannabis, when our territory is plagued by drug trafficking? “, protests the elected opposition.

The mayor of the opposition group Besançon now speaks of the author of the song hummed by the retiree: a well-known Californian rapper, Snoop Dogg, whose lyrics are full of references to cannabis herb. A man who in 2022 was targeted by rape charges, says the chosen one.

Creaky overtones

“This clip is artistic work which has also received a prize”, replies Anne Vignot. Highlighting the humorous side of the work and the sometimes disturbing virtues of art, the mayor evokes the Beatles. “At the time, not everyone understood all the lyrics in English. It didn’t stop anyone from singing “Probably a reference to the cult title Lucy in the sky with diamonds (LSD!)…

Admittedly, the adventures of Elisabeth and Rayan are not lacking in spice. By digging a little, and with a good dose of bad spirit, we can capture in the clip some questionable innuendoes.

For his 80th birthday. Ryan baked Elizabeth a cake. A somewhat special pastry given the state of the Bisontine at the age of being a grandmother. Here she is, very playful, singing “Smoke the weed”, while washing the tiles of her apartment.

We don’t see Rayan on screen. But, Elisabeth calls him through the window, inviting him to come up to her house, for a future meeting. Is the mysterious Rayan at the foot of a deal point? In this case, one can wonder if the 20-year-old student does not discover something other than “reggae dancehall” to the retiree.

Humor that goes badly among opposition politicians. At the table of a municipal council as everywhere, we can laugh at everything, but not with everyone.

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