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Weed Barcelona Cannabis Social Clubs: Reality and Tips

You read that right – In Spain cannabis is decriminalised, there is a “social club” system where followers can indulge their passion…

This leads to the following question: Is it possible to legally buy cannabis in Barcelona? The answer would be a…yes, sort of.

Although it’s a legal mic-mac around here it’s still possible, but don’t run to buy sweets and wait a bit before consulting the article on kebabs.

You must read this article carefully so as not to find yourself in troubled waters.

Here’s how to avoid problems:

Is weed legal in Barcelona?

The law in Spain

In Barcelona smoking clubs are more tolerated than in any other country in Europe. Here are the facts:

  • Cultivation for personal consumption is authorized (the plants must not be visible from the street).
  • Possession is decriminalized.
  • Consumption is legal but only in private spaces.
  • The purchase, consumption and possession in a public place are an offense punishable by a heavy fine.

Alright, but is weed legal in Barcelona?

There is a lot of confusion around Barcelona’s “social clubs” due to the murky areas around consumption, what constitutes a private place or not, etc. To sum up, some people are surfing on a legal vagueness that has led to the opening of 200 cannabis clubs in Barcelona.

Let’s come down to earth a bit – consumption is only permitted in private! smoke on the beach or in the streets of Barcelona at your own risk… But it would be a shame to ruin your holiday and miss out on the best city attractions for this from the first evening.

If you buy, your “precious cargo” should be treated as if you were in any other city. The police won’t hesitate for a second to get you in trouble if you’re not careful.

How Barcelona Cannabis Clubs Work

By becoming a member of a cannabis club in Barcelona you give your cultivation rights to the association.

In other words, the club takes care of growing the plants for you, your personal consumption permitted by Spanish law. However, this is limited to 2 plants per person. all you have to do is go collect the fruits of the harvest.

Cards and Passes

Discover the advantages of the Barcelona Digital Pass!

So Barcelona cannabis clubs are legal?

Barcelona’s “coffee shops” are a fairly recent phenomenon, and it is not easy to say whether the law authorizes them or not.

What we do know is that one of the first clubs to see the light of day, was closed recently by the authorities, but finally won in court and re-opened shortly after. Since the number of associations has exploded…

Cannabis clubs are non-profit organizations and they pay their taxes regularly. Most offer legal assistance to their members if they run into trouble with the police “while bringing their harvest home”.

Although the very legality of these clubs is questionable, stories of a member getting into serious legal trouble are almost non-existent.

The prerequisites of the “coffee shops” of Barcelona

  • You must be of legal age (the legal age is even 21 in some clubs).
  • You must have a valid European passport (in some clubs an identity card is sufficient).
  • You must pay the annual club dues.
  • Be sponsored by a member of the club (even if this rule is easily circumvented).

Going to the door of a cannabis club in Barcelona

The rule of thumb is that you can’t walk into a club just by showing up with your best smile.

A member of the association must invite you and sponsor you. The president of the association can also give you the right to be a member. Then become friends with one of them!

Registration requires a annual fee ranging from 10 to 20 €. You can then take a set daily amount when you complete the enrollment contract.

All the clubs offer a wide variety of weed (starting at 6€/gr) and sometimes hashish. These plants are generally grown in authorized outdoor spaces (this also boosts the economy of some Catalan villages) but some clubs also grow indoors. In any case, the quality is high and at places of “herb de provence” that you could find on the Ramblas.

You will see promoters in the streets of gothic and sometimes even on the beach, handing out invitations to clubs. But it will not necessarily be the best clubs, because they are more expensive and more accessible to tourists.

Paella Paella with mussels and prawns


Try the Paella menu at Bodega Joan!

Are cannabis clubs similar?

You never know what you’re going to stumble upon when entering a club. Sometimes it consists of a single room, sometimes it spans three floors, it can be beautifully decorated or literally creepy.

Some make you want to stay a while, others will send you straight home. You can find hammocks, ping-pong tables and often consoles and giant screens.

There are rumors circulating about some clubs recruiting their members on social media. If you contact the clubs through their page you may find your happiness.

The Dragon Cannabis club promises registration simply by following them on Facebook.

You entered a club share your experiences in the comments.

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