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Weed Buy CANNABIS on the Internet – Delivery in France!

Buy Weed Internet - Delivery in France!

The Weed Fedora is no longer available for France.

I advise you to take a look in this shop instead:

Buy Weed Fedora
Cannabis Shop

10 grams of weed for around 90€

YES, it’s as simple as that! I quietly ordered my 10 grams of WEED (cannabis flowers) on the Internet and I received my delivery in France within barely 1 week. And again, according to the seller, the usual time is much shorter. Finally, here I give you the summary but I still took the time to check that it was not a scam…

Cannabis grown and prepared in Switzerland

Before buying Weed on the Internet, I checked whether this herb was not of questionable origin. I did not at all want to end up with adulterated grass and for that, you have to be certain about its origin.

I did some research on the producer. This herb is produced by Cannaliz, a Swiss company located between Geneva and Annemasse, right next to Lake Geneva. All the conditions are met for this grass to be produced in a healthy environment and optimal phytosanitary conditions.

Cannaliz is a brand of products derived from Hemp such as e-liquidsWax for dabbing, CBD care oils or even Cannabis flowers rich in CBD, ie WEED !

The taste of Weed Fedora

What a surprise when I opened the package! The weed is packaged in a small blue-tinted plastic box. The packaging is really neat, it keeps the Cannabis away from air and light to keep its aroma and properties intact for as long as possible.

On the nose, this herb Has a smell similar to that of Skunk but less powerful and above all, with very different effects of course.

CBD-Rich Weed Vaporizer

I tested this weed using my favorite portable vaporizer, the PAX 2. It allows to extract cannabinoids and aromas (terpenes) in an optimal way without having to smoke. And of course, I consume it pure with the vape!

The taste of this CBD-rich herbal cannabis can rival many weeds on the market. Some will regret the stone effect of THC but this weed is a treat.

Fedora: Sativa-dominant WEED

Sativa-dominant Cannabis tends to be naturally lower in THC and this strain has been genetically selected for its low psychoactive ingredient content. The Fedora is the result of crosses between different varieties of Cannabis with high levels of CBD.

Its label contains a lot of information on the cannabinoid content of this herb:

Cannabinoids: Terpenes:
  • CBD: 0.2%
  • CBDa: 7.7%
  • THC: 0.05%
  • THCa: 0.2%
  • β-myrcene 1.35 mg/g
  • a-pinene: 1.14 mg/g
  • d-limonene: 0.36 mg/g
  • β-caryphylmene: 0.41 mg/g

This is the first time that I buy weed and that I know for sure the cannabinoid content of what I am about to consume. I have to say, it’s a pretty reassuring feeling. 🙂

Cannaliz gives the green light for deliveries in France

I didn’t really want to spend hours at the police station, nor did I want to lose my money. My last check was to ask my contact at Cannaliz if they used to ship to France.

I was told that the light was green to France so I ordered :).

Buy Weed Fedora
Cannabis Shop

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