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Weed Definition, Where to buy at the best price?

It has been proven time and time again through studies and experiments that therapeutic cannabis has many benefits. CBD is ideal for relieving chronic pain and the symptoms of various diseases.

Before rushing to buy cannabis or weed, it is worth checking a few criteria beforehand. The idea is to make a thoughtful and judicious choice, minimizing the margins of error.

Reminder on cannabis and its different types

Cannabis is a plant that can be found in different forms, such as flowers, resin or oil.

Multiple are the cannabis strains which produce various effects, depending on their variety.

Each variety of cannabis has a different use, which can be medical and/or recreational. Your choice must then be made on the effects you want to have, but also on the aromas of these varieties.

Thus, you can find 3 main strains on the cannabis market, which are: Indica, Sativa and hybridsand which therefore provide completely different effects.

Indica Cannabis Strains

This is a strain recognized for its relaxing effects. Thus, this type of strain is preferred for reducing stress and tension on a mental, emotional and physical level.

Take some weed indica is recommended after a hard day’s work, for example, because it will help you relax and appreciate the calm of your evening. It is a pure sedative that also excels in relieving pain and anxiety.

Sativa Cannabis

About the Sativa strains, they are recommended for their ability to stimulate the mind, making it more creative. These are cannabis with lighter and more euphoric effects. This type of strain can be a good ally if you are rather shy and go out in the evening. It will help you relax, and strike up a conversation more easily.


As to hybrids, they are, in fact, the combination of Sativa and Indica strains. These varieties are mainly consumed to relieve stress, headaches, but they also help to reduce depression and restore proper sleep.

Weed or weed, what is it exactly?

The beuh, also called beuh or weed in English is a name given to cannabis, which is then found in the form of “grass”.

Contrary to what many people think, weed is therefore none other than the leaves and flowers of cannabis.

So there is no difference between weed and weed, since they mean the same thing. Now let’s talk about the effects of this plant:

The effects, therefore, will depend on the level of certain cannabinoids contained in cannabis. Whether it is THC, CBD, or CBG, these three molecules have different effects on the human body. We will address those of THC first:

This molecule is psychoactive, and therefore influences mood and perception. By consuming cannabis containing THC, you may experience side effects such as:

  • dry mouth
  • memory loss
  • the sleepiness
  • decreased reflexes

NB: According to French law, cannabis containing THC is considered a narcotic and is therefore illegal. On the other hand, strict regulations are in force concerning the consumption of cannabis for medical use. Cannabis has many names, namely medical marijuana, weed, chichon, hashish, etc.

There are still legal weed, more specifically weed with a THC level of less than 0.2% but which are rich in CBD.

Choosing the Right Cannabis Flavor

Before making a purchase of weed, it is essential to know your tolerance to cannabis. On this you should base yourself on your own experience and personal taste.

In addition, before consuming cannabis, it is advisable to choose the best variety. The goal is to distinguish the strain with a odour suiting your preferences. And the choice is wide in this regard; fruity, sweet, acidic or bitter flavors, there is something for everyone!

For example, Cheese stands out with its skunky taste, OG Kush with its earthy and woody taste, and Orange Bud is fruity for example. You will find all the information on the aromas of our CBD products on our online CBD shop.

Additionally, the effect experienced when consuming weed will depend on the CBD and THC content in the cannabis.

To make the right choice, consider your overall mental and physical health. Also listen to your desires and especially your needs, in order to make the best choice for you.

Compare to find quality weed

In order to find a top quality weed, comparison is essential before any purchase. So, you need to know how to tell a good weed from a bad one.

Characteristics of a good weed

Know that a good weed is recognizable firstly by its color which is a pretty green, and may include different tints and shades.

She also presents a fresh scent, with distinct aromas depending on the variety. It should be made up of buds and trichomes, which are the little resin glands found mostly on flowers, also called “weed heads“.

Sativa weeds feature a mellow structure while Indicas are rather dense and tight.

Descriptions of poor quality weed

You have come across poor quality weed if their color is not green, but rather red, brown, yellow or even beige. Weeds to avoid are also those that do not emit any scent or smell.

Bad weeds have a fairly loose open structure and visible stems.

It is important to choose your weed well and to detect good quality cannabis on the market. Why ? Since a poor quality weed could have negative impacts on your experience, and therefore put you off.

Also pay attention to the presence of mold on some weeds, which will then be bad for your health. So be very careful and careful when buying.

Buy your weed or your weed online

To find the best weednothing beatsonline purchasefrom shops specializing in cannabis.

This is the best place to buy legal cannabis. Online sellers work closely with licensed producers. Some are also in contact with growers practicing organic farming. Which promises top quality CBD products on the internet.

Thus, the internet is ideal for choosing weed very rich in CBD. Quality weed, tested, authorized and certified, in accordance with the legislation in force, be it French and European legalization.

The flowers and weed resins in CBD have interesting levels of cannabidiol.

By making your purchase online, you enjoy a product with traceability, with tasty aromas and guaranteed relaxing effects. Thus, you can enjoy a quality weed, and that, in a few clicks.

After defining your need, choose the flavor of weed that suits you. Check the quality of your weed and place your order. Have weed delivered to your home and enjoy optimal relaxation.

Get help from customer service if you have any difficulty with your choice, they are generally good advice.

NB: There are CBD products in shops specializing in the sale of marijuana: CBD flowers, in the form of herbal teas orCBD infusionsCBD liquids, oils, etc.

You can take advantage of retail weed online, often offered in grams. However, if you have more important needs, do not hesitate to contact a CBD wholesaler online for bulk purchase.

The mode of consumption of weed

After receiving your weed ordered online, it’s time to start consuming it.

You have several options for consuming weed. Here are the most common consumption methods:

  • First, you can take weed with a spray. The idea is to inhale the cannabis, more precisely the vapour. You can consume, with your vaporizer, dried herbal marijuana or liquid concentrates.
  • Second, you can swallow weed in the form of edible. These are basically foods like butter, candies, truffles, nuts, etc.

The consumption of grass in edible form is to be preferred for people suffering from lung problems, for example. Cannabis can be used for many reasons, whether therapeutic or recreational.

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