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Weed Home delivery of weed: What are the possible options?

Meeting points with dealers, making appointments by telephone and home delivery of weed have always existed in France.. but they are gradually becoming outdated for new forms of distribution. The sale of grass, now called “2.0” is doing well and even adapts to major upheavals in our society such as the confinement linked to Covid-19.

Illegal weed delivery

The Darknet

Today, it’s very easy to buy weed… In a few clicks, we can have weed weighed and ready to be consumed. The Darknet is a virtual private network where IP addresses are not referenced. Thus, one can browse the Internet in total anonymity. In general, web addresses ending in .onion, available websites make it easy to buy weed and have weed delivered.
Essential on the Darknet, Dream Market requires registration to access products. There are all kinds of weed from different countries, a kind of E-Bay of drugs in short. The delivery varies according to the location of the seller, it is generally done in less than 48 hours (in France).

Towards an uberization of the system in France and abroad

Accelerating weed home delivery is the popular trend. On social networks, several advertisements flourish in order to rent this type of service. It is even possible to quickly find weed drives on the messaging system. Telegram, ensuring delivery in many French cities (Paris, Metz, Lyon, Nancy, etc.), almost within the hour. This commercial service is based on an organization and correspondents connected on their smartphone in the region. With verbal codes: brown (cannabis resin), green (grass), etc. , the managers remain discreet and the business very efficient. Not bragging, not showing off, not talking but working fast and fast is their motto. Transactions are also facilitated by the presence of bitcoin.

Uber Sheat

A video from Snapchat containing the codes of the meal delivery service Uber Eats, promises to deliver Lyon, in less than an hour and marks the menu: “salads”, “high quality products”. These are the services of “Uber Sheat”, translate: at 10 ‎€ per gram, weed from Spain or the Netherlands. On this Snapchat account, it is possible to see a person making weed sachets, cutting cannabis resin, packaging it and giving a sale price.

Eaze in the USA

The real cannabis Uber is him! Eaze is a start-up whose principle is to connect drivers, growers and customers. The delivery of grass at home is therefore amply facilitated! In the California bay where the delivery area is located, nothing could be more legal. Approved by the State of California, the producers are pampered and even considered true entrepreneurs.

Home delivery of weed: the legal alternatives

The illegal narcotics market is valued at several billion euros in France. Illegal trade remains, but new shops (physical or web) are emerging to buy legal cannabis (CBD). CBD is considered a small revolution that could change the game. A parliamentary fact-finding mission began in January 2020 to advance the debate on cannabis and establish its legal framework.

Web shops for home weed delivery

As with ordering your pizza, there are cannabis flower sites, which sell online. These shops are taking advantage of the current legal limbo to sell CBD weed online.
There are Cannalizfor example a Swiss company that cultivates and then prepares light cannabis.
There is also Weedy, a star company in France in this field. We can also quote Buy CBD Switzerland to make purchases online and be delivered quickly to your home.

Physical stores

It’s a game of cat and mouse. Many shops have appeared in France since 2018. It was also the start of a large wave of administrative closures (Bestown shops for example). Many independents are re-opening or launching little by little, avoiding too many “buzzers” and taking maximum precautions on their merchandise in the event of an inspection.

Delivery by bike in Marseille

In France, a young man uses his imagination and offers weed delivery directly by bike. CBD Bicyclette created by Morgan Ben Haim, a 33-year-old entrepreneur from Marseille, continues to stand out and offers special services: delivering CBD flowers by bicycle.

Coming from eco-responsible agriculture and grown in Switzerland, the cannabidiol flowers delivered by CBD Bicyclette à vélo are guaranteed free of fungicides and pesticides. Cannabis plant molecule, it has no psychotropic and harmful effect on your health. These flowers are systematically analyzed by several independent laboratories. With a THC level of less than 0.2%, they are certified legal. does not promote drugs and does not wish to encourage the purchase of illegal products. The purchase and consumption of drugs is an offense punishable by law.

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