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Weed The Best Dutch Coffeeshops Near The Border

Buying weed in Amsterdam is simple, but not all cities have the same rules. Some regions only allow the sale of ganja to Dutch citizens. If you are arriving from the other side of the border, take a look at our list to avoid disappointment.

Amsterdam is the mecca of cannabis in Europe. Ganja worshipers travel across the borders of the world to make their pilgrimage to the city’s wide array of coffeeshops and trippy museums. But it’s not the only city From the Netherlands for sale heads accompanied by refreshments.

Several other cities within the country also offer this unique experience. Many of these locations are near the country’s borders, making them easily accessible to people in Belgium or Germany looking to obtain marijuana legally.

Let’s explore together other great places with coffeeshops in the Netherlands.


Before you buckle up and go on a Ganj’Road trip from the Netherlands, it’s important to know where you can buy weed, and you can’t. Unfortunately, it’s not legal to buy it in all the coffeeshops dotted across the country.

Lawmakers have drafted what’s called the i-criterium, a bill that only allows the sale of marijuana in a few cities in the Netherlands.


Why I-criterium

The 2012 Coalition Agreement introduced i-criterium, a law that allows Dutch people to be able to buy cannabis in only a few specific areas. It’s technically a less restrictive version of the now abolished “weed pass”, a system that wanted to keep the data of all customers passing through coffeeshops.

However, the capital city of Amsterdam, the Dutch Tourist Board and the Congress opposed this idea stating that it would lead to a spike in the purchase illegal of cannabis and that this would deter tourists from visiting the city.

Tourists can easily walk into almost any coffeeshop in Amsterdam and buy high-quality cannabis. But in many other coffees outside the capital, it is necessary to present a Dutch identity card to be able to enter.

The leniency of the i-criterium allows municipalities to decide for themselves whether or not to grant coffeeshop access to tourists. The districts of Arnhem, Eindhoven, Venlo and Tilburg offer easy and legal access for Belgian and German tourists. However, areas such as Sittard, Maastricht and Breda require Dutch nationality to enter.



If you live in Belgium or Germany, or are visiting either of these two countries, there are a plethora of high-quality coffees that will serve you very close to the border. Below is a list of cities where it is tolerated, and some of their best coffeeshops.


Coffee Shops In Arnhem

Arnhem is a city and a municipality located in the eastern part of the Netherlands. A city known for its rich history and its most impressive architecture. Once you’ve stopped in its coffeeshops, check out its quaint mills and parks.


Upstairs Coffeeshop is an Arnhem establishment that will sell ganja to anyone over the age of 18. It’s a warm place where you can light up a little with your friends and turn off your brain for a football match, a game of chess or pinball. Sometimes visitors can attend live concerts by national or international artists.

This place seeks to satisfy its customers and provide a relaxing atmosphere. If you are new to cannabis, they take the time to quietly explain the ins and outs of the subject.


Coffeeshops IN EINDHOVEN

Eindhoven is the fifth largest city in the Netherlands and is located in the south of the country. It is an industrial city made up of five separate villages that offers interesting and entertaining activities. After checking out the coffeeshops mentioned below, check out the Museum of Contemporary Art or go ice skating. If you want to put your mind to the test, gather your friends and go to Escape Rooms, a virtual reality escape game.


The Pink is one of the best coffeehouses to see when exploring downtown Eindhoven. This place has an all-wood interior, which is quite small, but very comfortable and decorated with funky lights. There is a diversified menu offering a wide range of varieties including Sunset Sherbet and Candyman. If you want to intensify your trip, devour their Cookies and their cannabis-infused chocolate bars.


The Hightimes coffeeshop has been dubbed: “The happiest place in all of the Netherlands”. It’s got all kinds of great people, great music, and quality hash and ganja. The place has a pretty classy vibe with wide windows, artwork on display, and a pool table to harness your cerebral highs.


Coffeeshops IN ENSCHEDE

Enschede is a city in the east of the Netherlands. After enjoying the local cannabis, go for a walk in the parks, to the lakes and discover all the beautiful restaurants there.


The Grasshopper in Enschede has an amazing, extremely cozy smoking room with neon lights and leather banquettes with large wooden tables. Low lighting contributes to an ambiance chill and relaxation. Foreigners are welcome, but remember to bring your ID.

We buy weed and hash downstairs, but you are free to take them upstairs to the room where you can borrow the water pipes provided by the establishment. You can phase to the beautiful pictures of plants hanging on the wall or play a game of foosball or darts. If the dark side points the tip of its nose, they offer delicious foodstuffs to restore you.


Coffeeshops IN NIJMEGEN

Nijmegen is a city located in the Dutch province of Gelderland, very close to the German border. If you live in Germany, or are exploring the country, this is an ideal city to spend a day in. It’s more than just a place to drop by quickly to get some weed. Nijmegen is the oldest city in the Netherlands so take the time to see these historic sites.


The Dreadlock and Jetset coffeeshop is a cozy and bright place. Wooden furniture and rustic brickwork give it a warm, home-like feel. The menu should delight more than one with varieties like Jack Herer and Dread Haze that will make you dream with your eyes open. They also have pre-rolled joints and edibles available.

After your dose of cannabinoids, there are all kinds of board games available to keep you entertained. In addition, you can admire the large cabinet filled with glass works of art including bongs and blowjob.

The Dreadlock and Jetset coffeeshop only accepts cash, so don’t forget to bring greenbacks!


Coffeeshop Kronkel has been serving delicious food and great ganja in the heart of Nijmegen since 1986. Kronkel was designed to provide a place of peace and relaxation in a fast-paced world. Visitors can sit and chat by the fireplace, listen to live DJs and play billiards.

The interior mixes a modern curved bar design with rustic yet soothing wooden walls. There are also plenty of comfortable armchairs and benches. Payment is simplified with Kronkel thanks to options such as contactless. Plus, it’s right next to the Dreadlock and Jetset, so why not check them both out!


Coffeeshops IN TILBURG

The city of Tilburg is the sixth largest city in the Netherlands and is located in the southern part of the country in the province of North Brabant. The city is full of outdoor art and has a whole bunch of music festivals throughout the year. Tilburg is also the home of the De Pont Museum of Contemporary Art and the Brabant Nature Museum.


As the name might suggest, The Grass Company sources and sells high-end cannabis. Since this place is based in Tilburg, all you need to get in is proof of ID that you are over 18 years old.

The owners have worked hard to give this place a carefree feeling and the most total relaxation. In addition to the atmosphere of the place, the friendly staff contributes greatly to the relaxed atmosphere of the premises. Take advantage of the open and bright space with the Hindu Kush and Haze. If you don’t feel like rolling, take advantage of their pre-rolled joints of Northern Lights.


Toermalijn is a stylish coffeeshop in Tilburg that sells all kinds of rolling papers, pipes and lighters. The interior is exceptionally tranquil with zen wooden tables and large sofas to spread out. Psychedelic artwork lines the walls, and the pinball machine in the corner will provide hours of entertainment.

Toermalijn offers an extensive menu of weed and hash, including a wide selection of indica and sativa strains. If you want a hash type trip, you will have the choice between Afghan, Indian, Lebanese, Moroccan or Nepali.


Coffeeshops IN VENLO

The city of Venlo is located in the South East of the Netherlands, and is another easily accessible place when arriving from the German side. The city is connected to Düsseldorf and Cologne via highways, and Kaldenkirchen by rail.


Nobody’s Place is a unique coffee shop due to the fact that it requires a membership. Foreigners over the age of 18 can smoke here, but you will need to buy a Nobocard worth 5 euros and bring it with you each time you visit the place. It is a top-of-the-range establishment whose prices are much more excessive than all the other coffees. Nonetheless, the pleasant vibe and wide range of indica and sativa strains are definitely worth spending a bit more money on. Dark wood furniture and plants hanging from the ceiling make this a great place to turn your head in style.

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