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Weed This legal cannabis shop is all the rage in Paris

This legal cannabis shop is all the rage in Paris

“Is that the line for weed?” “Apostrophize two young people, laughing on a scooter, rue Amelot, in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, and zigzagging in front of the Cofyshop and its horde of customers. Big success and a rock and roll atmosphere, this Saturday, in Paris, a few hundred meters from the Place de la République.

All day, dozens of Parisians, rather ailments aged 20-30, mostly men, lined up, some for nearly an hour, to discover the new “sulphurous” business, in the words of its manager.

Since Tuesday, you can legally buy weed and hashish in this business located at 140, rue Amelot (XIe). It’s not a coffee-shop like in Amsterdam but a takeaway counter.

A parallel sex trade

His boss, Joaquim Lousquy, a young 29-year-old entrepreneur, confesses to having “sniffed out the right shot”. He already hit the headlines on February 1, when he opened xdollsa “sex doll brothel”, in the Pernety district (14th century).

This business offers men silicone dolls, inert, life-size, big breasts, at 89 euros per hour. For elected officials and feminist associations, Joachim borders on pimping and his business glorifies rape.

While keeping an eye on his sex trade – “It’s going well and I’m going to create others” – the thirty-year-old has this time settled behind the small counter of his Cofyshop.

This is not a first in France. In Paris, there is another new, discreet sales address, rue d’Aboukir (IIe).

“It’s organic, without fertilizer”

This new business is doing so well that Joachim had to close early twice this week. All his merchandise had been robbed. Rue Amelot, behind the counter, you can buy weed or hashish by weight, between 11.50 and 13 euros per gram. There are also syrups, infusions, massage oils… “The products we sell have a THC level (Editor’s note: Tetrahydrocannabinol, the main molecule of cannabis) below the threshold imposed by law. And it’s organic, without fertilizer. »

Maxime, a three-day beard and “working in com”, came for “(his) mother who has back problems. This is an opportunity for her to try an alternative to traditional medicine without it being illegal”. But he will also taste!

Lucia, her 23-year-old friend, says she “is not tempted by drugs. My younger sister, a marijuana addict, smokes joints every day. It calms! “, she confides.

Sensa, a beautiful 50-year-old woman with red hair, lipstick and a military jacket, came because it was “the first coffee-shop and also for legality and quality”.

“I want to try,” chuckles Adrien, 20. I want to see if it smashes! A priori, they are under 0.2% THC. But I think they have to force the other molecule, CBD, legal but very relaxing. It must have its effect, ”hopes the student.

Deputy Pacôme Rupin visiting

Inside the shop, a UFO makes its entrance… Pacôme Rupin, deputy (LREM), 33, pink oxford shirt and tweed jacket, asks Joachim about the conduct of this business. “There was a change in the law, comments the young deputy. This gentleman rushed into the breach, but we will watch it closely. »

In the street, Marlène, a resident, 72 years old, flowered bodice and basket under her arm, complains about the smell. “It smells of hashish in the street. It goes back to us! “, she disapproves.

“There is no psychotropic effect,” says Joachim. Besides, he says, as if to convince himself, the police, very courteous, have already passed. »

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