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Where to buy Weed ?

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Weed has been debated for years: legalize weed, ban it… All countries have their point of view. In France, the purchase of cannabis and its resin (shit) is prohibited. However, this prohibition does not apply to all compounds of the plant…

Cannabis is a plant composed of several cannabinoids, the best known of which are THC and CBD. Tetrahydrocannabinol is a substance that is prohibited because it causes adverse effects on the human body. Then there is CBD, which is authorized for sale and can be consumed if the finished product contains less than 0.3% THC.
There are therefore weed buds with a THC level of less than 0.3%, an ideal compromise to be able to find the good taste of weed with a pleasant non-psychoactive effect.
So, to conclude, it is possible to find in France weed for sale freely, on our CBD SHOP you can buy light marijuana, all our products are guaranteed with a THC level in accordance with European regulations. CBD marijuana is not a drug, and is not addictive.

“When I was in England, I tried marijuana once or twice. I didn’t swallow the smoke.”Bill Clinton


I’m going to answer the question directly, it’s no.
As I said above, buying weed is legal in France but only under certain conditions. In Canada as in the United States or the Netherlands, cannabis is legalized without conditions concerning the THC content of the finished product.
In our country, things are not progressing, and if “thc-free” weed is authorized in France, it is largely thanks to European directives concerning the hemp industry.
For those who expect to see our country legalize marijuana and its hashish like in the Netherlands, don’t dream too much, if it’s going to happen it will take years…

Cannabis should be legal. I don’t smoke, but I like the smell.” Andy Warhol


As it is a very controlled activity within Europe, all cannabis derivatives for sale on the market must come from industrial cultivation, the majority of which come from Switzerland.
The fact that the weed comes from an industrial culture and from Switzerland has many advantages: All stages of planting are carried out according to the rules of the art, and given that the climate in Switzerland is not very favorable to an outdoor culture, they have managed to create a quality
Be careful, outdoor or greenhouse weed from Switzerland exists, but it is often of poor quality because the plant has not absorbed enough light to develop properly.
While indoor growing allows you to control light, humidity, CO2, temperature etc. All these elements make the difference by far!! Marijuana is a complex plant, if you want to know why there are the best weed in amsterdam and in California, ask about the method of cultivation used.

“When I was a kid, I often smoked..” Barack Obama


Outdoor Cannabis

Making weed outdoors is a good method and by far the most natural, however a perfect climate without bad weather (heavy rain, or not enough for example) must be present to preserve the quality and yield of a plant. All the elements that make up nature must be compatible with growing marijuana in order to avoid poor quality plants with few buds, few effects, and few tastes.

Cannabis in greenhouses (greenhouse)

Greenhouse marijuana, more commonly known as a “greenhouse”, is an ideal solution to be able to preserve the natural appearance of the plantation while avoiding certain bad weather. Indeed, thanks to the greenhouse, the sunlight will be amplified and the rain avoided in order to allow you to water your plants as needed and when needed.
Good weed can be produced in a greenhouse, however it still depends on mother nature, as the amount of light absorbed by a cannabis plant is the most important factor, and in a greenhouse or outdoors, 10 days of cloudy weather can be enough for affect the quality and yield…
So there remains the indoor culture!

Indoor cannabis

The quality of indoor weed remains the best solution in Europe to make a perfect product!

All aspects of planting are controlled:

    • An optimized amount of light.
    • Easy to eliminate parasites.
    • High quality weed and hash all year round because this type of planting does not depend on the sun.

“It really puzzles me to see marijuana seen as a narcotic … a drug and all that shit.” It’s thousands of times better than whiskey, it’s an assistant, a friend.”


We are enthusiasts and connoisseurs, we have looked for all the suppliers in Europe in order to find the best products.

You have understood that we favor light cannabis from an indoor plantation. Thanks to this, we guarantee you a cannabis rich in cbd and in taste in order to guarantee you a unique and risk-free hemp experience.
Our cannabis strains exist in different forms: moon rocksflowers, hashish and oils.
And of course available in our weed shop all year round…

Shop du CBD is a shop based in France for the online sale of CBD-based products.

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