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Weed Where to buy Weed or Beuh?

buy weed weed legal

By doing a little research on the net, you will surely come across dubious forums dating from the AOL era, where a certain trankil3820 will offer you discreet techniques for obtaining illicit products in France. The Darknet is the most popular in this sector, but don’t think it’s so easy to access. It takes a few basics to tame it and above all, not to get burned.

And honestly, is it worth it, especially to get a small sachet from an unidentifiable source? In our opinion, it’s a bit like with bitcoin: Either we know it and we go for it, or we prefer to use more secure practices with guarantees! And make no mistake, it is now possible to obtain plant products derived from cannabis, legal and just as effective!

Before revealing the products legally available in France and where to find them, it would still be good to recall some basics about the products we are talking about. When we say weed and weed, what exactly are we talking about?

Weed and weed, what do they correspond to?

It all started with cannabis, this famous plant belonging to the Cannabaceae family that grows in the equatorial zones of this world. In insider circles, this plant is commonly called “grass”, or verlan weed and in English weed (see the cannabis lexicon for more information on the different names).

Discovered several centuries ago, this plant offers three different types of species (Satavia, Indica and Ruderalis) which themselves are divided into many different strains created by breeders. Each strain, increasingly referred to as chemovar, offers different flavors and aromas and has a highly variable active ingredient content. So that’s the weed… but be careful, you have to make a certain distinction.

Indeed, the active ingredient responsible for the psychoactive effect for which cannabis is best known is THC, by its scientific name Tetrahydrocannabinol. It is he who produces an altered state of consciousness and who can also make his consumer psychologically dependent. Basically, it’s what gets you high when you smoke regular weed.

But there are softer varieties, which have a lower THC content, and other more important active ingredients, but just as relaxing. The most fashionable active ingredient that is currently spreading in France is CBD (cannabidiol), which is rather present in the indica species.

CBD has the advantage of producing a relaxing effect and brings many therapeutic properties to its user, without knocking him out with THC. One of the best examples of cannabis high in CBD and low in THC is cannabis light. But before going into the details of the varieties of legal marijuana, do you know what the exact regulations relating to cannabis are in France?

Weed in France: What are the rules?

In France, the rule is simple: only varieties of cannabis containing less than 0.2% THC are authorized. The exact list of varieties of cannabis authorized in France is available on the internet. All derived products (oils, crystals, resins, etc.) are subject to the same rule and must come from cannabis varieties with a THC content of less than 0.2%, which does not pose a problem, because the active ingredients that interest us are also present in varieties other than high-THC cannabis.

As you will have understood, the goal is therefore to ban psychoactive products. But products with therapeutic properties thanks to other active ingredients are authorized. This particularly concerns weed such as light cannabis.

Cannabis light, relaxes without making it “high”

Cannabis light, more and more popular in France and Europe, refers to cannabis flowers that contain a high level of CBD and a low level of THC, the famous psychoactive that makes you “high”. It mainly refers to products from sativa varieties and therefore includes all products legalized in France today. So that’s legal weed in France!

In recent years, sales of this modern-day weed have exploded throughout Europe, which is considered far behind the United States. These new products therefore offer powerful and varied therapeutic effects depending on the variety of the flower.

Each flower has its little secret. The great pleasure is to discover them individually and to appreciate the benefits without having the harmful effects that we recognize in classic weed (problems of concentration and coordination, restlessness, drowsiness, anxiety, paranoia…). And the discovery can take a moment, because the choice is wide!

Where to get weed or weed light?

We now come to the most interesting point. After learning about these legal cannabis products in France, it would be great to know where you can buy them. Well it’s simple, weed or weed light authorized in France because containing less than 0.2% THC is available for purchase in online stores selling CBDsuch as 321 CBD.

Indeed, the offer of this type of product has developed well in France and throughout Europe. It is therefore no longer necessary to change countries to relax thanks to cannabis, you can have it delivered to your home.

For example, on our 321 CBD store, you will find a whole category of Premium CBD cannabis flowers, which corresponds to what is called cannabis light. These flowers can be used in infusion, vaporization, inhalation and as a food supplement.

For an even more relaxing effect, thecbd oil is ideal. It is taken sublingually and its effect is immediate.

All of our ranges are subject to strict controls to meet the standards imposed in France. Our products therefore offer a THC level always below 0.2%, in accordance with European Union legislation (European decree n°639-2014 and European regulation n°1307/2013).

Now that you know everything about legal weed in France, you will place an order online, right? Do not hesitate to take a look at our shop and consult the product sheets of our different weed. You will find all the information relating to flavours, therapeutic properties and advice for use… for maximum effect!

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