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What are the risks ?

cannabis pousser chez soi

What are the risks ?

Cannabis is a drug that is used to cure many diseases. However, abusing it can create a lot of damage. This is the reason why the sale and cultivation of this plant is governed by laws.

However, some people manage to grow this plant at home, which can involve many risks. Do you want to know what risks you run by growing cannabis at home? I tell you about it.

The criminal risks you will incur

Cannabis is considered a narcotic, so its sale and cultivation are illegal. However, many people manage to get around the law by growing this plant indoors. It should be remembered that cannabis gives off a strong smell, which could alert neighbors and attract the police to your home.

Once your plan is discovered, you risk having many problems with justice. In addition to being ordered to pay a forte fine which, depending on the case, can reach millions of eurosyou can also be sentenced to a prison sentence can go up to ten years. Many people have ended up in prison for growing cannabis.

Environmental and health risks

Growing cannabis at home can not only get you in trouble with the law, but it can also affect your living environment and your health. Indeed, if you decide to grow cannabis indoors, you will need to use strong lighting and make sure to raise the temperature.

However, all this represents the ideal conditions for the mold growth. As a result, your building will be infested with mold. These living organisms have the ability to grow and spread very quickly. In the long run, this has the effect of making your home unfit for habitation.

In addition to that, these molds can cause in the inhabitants many respiratory problems and these problems can progress to more serious illnesses such as asthmathem mycotoxicosisthem hypersensitivity pneumonia. In addition, the cultivation of cannabis requires CO2 fertilization practices and some of these practices can lead to thepoisoning.

It should also not be forgotten that fires can occur as a result of electrical failures since growing cannabis requires excessive light.

Risks of involuntary consumption

Growing cannabis means having it at home. This can therefore arouse strong desires and you risk becoming totally dependent. Likewise, if you have children, they may inadvertently consume plant residues or parts of the plant itself.

It’s the same with animals and it can be very dangerous for your health. Basically, you have every reason not to grow cannabis at home. The police and the law are not your only executioners, your health may also suffer.

How to consume cannabis legally?

You should know that whatever happens, currently in France, it is completely forbidden to grow Cannabis plants. You risk a fine of up to €7.5 million and 30 years in prison. On the other hand, from the point of view of consumption, it is possible to consume certain substances of the plant completely legally.
To understand this, know that cannabis contains both cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). It is THC that is illegal, because this substance is psychotropic and therefore makes you dependent and stoned. This is not the case with CBD, which even has therapeutic virtues, such as actions against pain and inflammation. It would also have an action against stress, depression, and it would improve epilepsy and multiple sclerosis.
So how do you consume CBD, if you feel it can benefit you?

  • The CBD flowers. You can smoke them or consume them by cooking them in a salad or even in infusions. The possibilities are quite numerous.
  • Sublingual CBD oils
  • CBD crystals to dilute in water
  • CBD capsules
  • E-liquid containing CBD

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