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Why take out life insurance?

Why take out life insurance?

Why take out life insurance?

Subscribing to a life insurance contract is a choice that can allow you to realize many projects, in an attractive tax framework: building up savings, preparing for your retirement, etc. Here are some reasons why you should buy life insurance.

Building up savings available at your own pace

One of the main purposes of life insurance is to grow your savings so you can enjoy them during your lifetime. The flexibility of the life insurance scheme makes it accessible to modest savers as well as to the wealthiest. On yomoni life insurance reviewsyou will find the opinion of professionals on quality life insurance.

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Apart from the minimum subscription payment (variable according to the contracts), you have the option of paying the amount you want when you want. You can fund your account at your convenience, with one-off or regular, small or large payments.

Additionally, you have the option to redeem all or part of your funds at any time. Your money is not blocked. However, to benefit from the tax advantages of your subscription, you must wait for the 8 years of the contract. You can go to Finance Heroin order to benefit from expert advice on your life insurance.

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Access to diversified investment vehicles

Starting from funds in euros to riskier shares, via bonds or real estate SCPs, we see that the investment vehicles offered today in multi-support contracts are extensive (variable according to the contracts and the insurers).

Thus, it is permitted, given your investor profile (cautious, moderate, risky), to compose your life insurance according to your expectations and your investment horizon.

Even if you don’t have the time or the knowledge to make this selection, you can benefit from the expertise of a specialized team thanks to discretionary management.

The benefit of regular retirement income

You can receive your capital through scheduled partial redemptions or through annuities staggered over time. Similarly, depending on the contract, you can ask to convert your capital into a life annuity. In the latter case, the capital is definitively acquired by the insurer who is responsible for paying you income for life.

You can also opt for regular partial purchases as you wish. This solution allows you to receive capital at regular intervals while leaving capital to the people designated as beneficiaries in the contract.

If you subscribe for this option too, it is preferable to wait for the 8 years of the contract before activating it. This will allow you to benefit from the tax advantages linked to redemptions.

Life insurance, a solution for real estate and other projects

You have in your plans the realization of a substantial project, in the long or medium term, such as a real estate purchase, a renovation, the acquisition of a boat, life insurance will allow you to finance at least in part the majority of your projects.

Life insurance is generally more profitable than bank savings, and more flexible than a housing savings plan. It allows you to build up your capital in an advantageous savings plan.

Thus, at the time of the realization of your project, you will be able to easily unlock your life insurance. Unblocking can be done at any time, depending on your needs.

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